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TEST BANK for The Analysis of Biological Data 3rd Edition by Michael Whitlock and Dolph Schluter. ISBN 9781319226299. (All Chapters 1-21)

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The Analysis of Biological Data Third Edition by Michael C. Whitlock and Dolph Schluter. ISBN 9781319226299, All Chapters 1-21. TEST BANK TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Statistics and samples Chap... ter 2 Displaying data Chapter 3 Describing data Chapter 4 Estimating with uncertainty Chapter 5 Probability Chapter 6 Hypothesis testing Chapter 7 Analyzing proportions Chapter 8 Fitting probability models to frequency data Chapter 9 Contingency analysis: Associations between categorical variations Chapter 10 The normal distribution Chapter 11 Inference for a normal population Chapter 12 Comparing two means Chapter 13 Handling violations of assumptions Chapter 14 Designing experiments Chapter 15 Comparing means of more than two groups Chapter 16 Correlation between numerical variables Chapter 17 Regression Chapter 18 Analyzing multiple factors Chapter 19 Computer-intensive methods Chapter 20 Likelihood Chapter 21 Survival analysis [Show More]

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