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programming questions with accurate, written running programs

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What does GUI stand for? Graphical User Interface 2. Which is more complex, program input or program output? Program input 3. Look at Figure 2.3. The first 5 lines of program all beg... in with //. What does that mean? They are comments 4. Are comments compiled into bytecode? No 5. Are comments ever executed? No 6. Every application program has a main segment. 7. What does the command System.out.println do? Displays the text between the “” 8. What characters contain program blocks? Braces {} 9. Can a programming language use human language? Why or why not? No because human language is always evolving 10. What is a Java keyword? a word that has a special meaning in a program or performs a special function. 11. Two or more keywords combine to make what? A program statment 12. What does it mean when we say that keywords in Java are “case-sensitive”? You must use a certain case or cases 13. List 9 keywords. public, class, static, void, main, String, System, out and println. 14. What does System.out mean? [Show More]

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