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Information and Communication Technologies Sample Questions and correct answers

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1. Which of these design elements consider the flow of the communication? a. Balance b. Variety c. Rhythm d. Layout ANSWER: C 2. In a gaming system, what acts as the encoder? a. Gaming box b. ... Central processor c. Controller d. Television ANSWER: B 3. What is the safest way to send a secure document using either the internet or intranet? a. Fax b. Fiber-optic cable c. Satellite d. Telephone land line ANSWER: B 4. A student is watching the final quarter of the Super Bowl on his digital T which uses DirecTV as the network. Rain starts to fall and the image becomes very pixilated. This is an example of communication ___________. a. Breakdown b. Interference c. Feedback d. Decoding ANSWER: B 5. Compared to body copy, display type are ____________. a. Larger point size b. Smaller point size c. Smaller font d. Serif ANSWER: A 2 6. A format where individuals can view it, no matter what type of word processing system they use. a. JPEG b. PDF c. TIFF d. PostScript ANSWER:B 7. Which of the following is the lossless type of image file? a. JPEG b. GIF c. TIFF d. PDF ANSWER: C 8. A graphic design uses background lines that are thin at the top of the frame and get progressively thicker as they near the bottom. This is an example of which design principle? a. Contrast b. Harmony c. Emphasis d. Rhythm ANSWER: D 9. A Technology teacher lets her student know they need to add a large graphic in a poster to attract attention. The teacher is referring to ___________. a. Dominance b. Balance c. Rhythm d. Contrast ANSWER: A 10. A printer assembles all pieces of film to be used in a traditional print job. The printer is doing what stage of pre-press? a. Stripping b. Flat c. Proofing d. Digitalization ANSWER: A 11. A type of printing that uses a stencil with openings that are the shape of the message. a. Screen printing b. Gravure printing c. Lithographic printing d. Relief printing ANSWER: A [Show More]

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