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NR 601 Midterm Exam Information for revised edition. ( Questions and Answers)

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1.Question: The percentage of the FVC expired in one second is: 2.Question:The aging process causes what normal physiological changes in the heart? 3.Question:A 55yo Caucasian male follows up after ... referral to cardiologist. He thinks his med is causing a cough and sometimes he has difficulty breathing. Which med was most likely prescribed? 4.Question:JM is a 68yo man who presents for a physical. He has T2DM x5yrs, smokes 1/2 PPD, BMI is 30. No other previous medical dx, no current complaints. According to the AHA/ACC guidelines, JM is stage A HF. Treatment goals for him include: 5.Question:MJ presents with h/o structural damage with current s/s of HF. Treatment will be based on his stage of HF, which is: 6.Question:65yo Caucasian female presents with mitral valve stenosis, physical exam unremarkable. You know her stage of HF is: 7.Question:DG, 65yo man, presents for eval of CP and L-sided shoulder pain, beginning after strenuous activity, including walking. Pain is dull, aching, 8/10 during activity, otherwise 0/10. Began few mo ago, intermittent, aggravated by exercise, relieved by rest. Occasional nausea. Pain is retrosternal, radiating to L shoulder, affects QOL by limiting activity. Pain is [Show More]

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