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NR 601 Midterm Exam review for 2021 (Detailed solutions) latest edition)

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NR 601 Midterm Exam review Week 1 Developmental changes o Review Kennedy readings for age related changes o Physiological Physiological Age related Change Functional Change Implications Integum... entary System Loss of dermal and epidermal thickness Loss of subcutaneous tissue and thin epidermis. Prone to skin breakdown and injury Decreased vascularity • Atrophy of sweat glands resulting in decreased sweat production • Decreased body odor • Decreased heat loss • Dryness • Alteration in thermoregulatory response • Fluid requirements may change seasonally • Loss of skin water • Increased risk of heat stroke Respiratory System Decreased lung tissue elasticity Decreased vital capacity Reduced overall efficiency of ventilatory exchange Cilia atrophy Change in mucociliary transport Increased susceptibility to infection Decreased respiratory [Show More]

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