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Be sure to know what you are selling. If they are Questions and Answers for example, make that clear to the potential buyer. Include fully descriptive title and information on the course coverage area, how many they, and what the client may expect such as how many of them are actually correct.

Lots of students and professionals find BROWSEGRADES via search engines such as Google and Bing. It’s important therefore to share as much information about your documents, flashcards and bundles as you possibly can. The title of a connected book, the author, ISBN number etc. You mal also include the name of the professor or teacher in the description of your study materials, They all help in giving your summary a boost in search results!

Smart sellers put themselves in the shoes of potential buyers and think about the possible search terms and keywords that could be used to find a summary. By including these search terms and keywords in your title and description, you will ensure that your documents are easily found online.

Ensure your ads are accurate. If you didn’t feel like summarising chapter 8 or Netflix had your undivided attention, it’s okay as long as you mention it honestly. Buyers will notice instantly if the description of your summary isn’t correct. This will result automatically in poor reviews and a bad reputation, which will obviously have a detrimental effect on your sales. Being concise and correct will give potential buyers more reason to buy your documents.


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Make use of publishing websites. A good example is Issuu or Calameo Create a free account and upload your publications containing links to your specific Browsegrades content.

While sales might seem to go a certain way, or for a particular subject, having unique and outstanding content is always a better way to remain relevant.

Bundle your study materials. Students and professionals are looking for complete study packages containing: your summary, perhaps some lecture notes or a set of exams, Q&As which refer to all the important terms. The best sellers on BROWSEGRADES package similar of study materials together, and sell them as bundles. You can do this by combining documents and in a separate bundle for one fixed or variable price.

The best social platform to share your content is pinterest, visit HOW TO BUILD A PIN to learn how to create a pin. Build a business account with pinterest for easier sharing. Also make use of REDDIT by creating a relevant subreddit.

Sharing on twitter and Facebook (groups) is also a good strategy. Create groups that are relevant to your content and meet the customer needs accordingly.

Always respond to customer queries and provide the information they need on time.


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NOTE: Do not Upload/sell ATI, ATI Proctored, I-Human and any HESI Materials, and any content with existing copyright claims. These have had many copyright infringement cases and warnings, and besides being taken down, will risk losing your account.



TEST BANKS must contain all the Chapters according to text book from which they have been made. That means a TEST BANK cannot be 10 or 20 pages. Most of them are as long as the text-books themselves since they have to cover or the information from the chapters in a Question-Answer format.

A TEST BANK is an E-version for a particular existing book under the same topic, but not the actual textbook. Most Test Banks are usually the instructors’ and professors’ versions of the text-books which they use in teaching at universities etc. TEST BANKS are also great in accompanying any studying methods and are helpful in systematically covering the content of the main text-books using compilations such as Multiple choice questions, Essay questions, Flashcards and True or False questions among others. They also include explanations/rationale and references for the answers provided and such help the professors in designing the exams.

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