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Week 6: Shadow Health Pediatric Physical Assessment Assignment • Due Feb 13, 2019 by 11:59pm • Points 50 • Submitting a file upload Pre Brief Daniel "Danny" Rivera is an 8-year-old bo... y who is brought to the clinic by a family member for a cough. It is important for you to determine whether or not Danny is in distress, explore the underlying cause of his cough, and look for related symptoms in other body systems. Ask about a variety of psychosocial factors related to home life, such as second-hand smoke exposure. Be sure to observe non-verbal cues as Danny presents with intermittent coughing and visible breathing difficulty. This case study will challenge you to differentiate his presenting symptoms and carefully listen as you auscultate his lungs. You will have the opportunity to also physically examine his eyes, ears, nose, and throat and document your findings using appropriate professional medical terminology. Apply the supportive informative learned in the respiratory concept lab to your critical thinking process in this case study. Reason for visit: Patient presents complaining of coughing. [Show More]

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