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Which of the following statements would most likely have been spoken by a member of the new Whig party? "To prevent anarchy, the United States should forge stronger ties to the banks of Great Bri... tain." "I do not believe the federal government is responsible for economic growth.” "This party is for the common man, the farmer and the laborer." "An abuse of executive powers will lead to a tyrannical government and will not bring about economic growth. " CONCEPT The Bank War and the Rise of the Second Party System 2 Which of the following would Jefferson have viewed as a positive effect of westward expansion in the early 19th century? The federal government was able to gain land it could control itself. New states could be formed and admitted to the union as equals with the originals. Having a larger territory gave the United States a more prominent position in international affairs. The cash-crop empire of the South could expand and boost the economy. CONCEPT Looking West 3 "It is time to reject traditional ties to Great Britain’s institutions and create our own denominations." "Public roles as reformers and moral guides for society reflect traditional roles in the home." "My doctrine then is, that whatever it is morally right for man to do, it is morally right for woman to do." "What begins as a glass with friends soon devolves into poverty and disease and ultimately suicide." CONCEPT Think About It: How Was American Culture Changing? 4 Which of the following fears led in part to the creation of a republic instead of a democracy? The fear that government would be used to redistribute wealth The fear that government would allow toleration of Catholics The fear that government would reunite with Britain The fear that government would be unable to raise enough money hCttOpsN://CwEwPwT.coursehero.com/file/67105442/Sophia-US-History-1-Milestone-3pdf/ Creating a Republic 5 Which of the following statements about the putting-out system is true? The putting-out system allowed merchants to rely on unskilled labor, which cut production costs. The putting-out system was proposed as an alternative to slave labor and indentured servitude. The putting-out system was burdensome on workers, who had to go through apprenticeships to become journeymen. The putting-out system was instituted by the federal government to gain economic dominance abroad. CONCEPT Market Revolution and Economic Changes 6 Which of the following statements is true? The United States was briefly disbanded and reabsorbed into Great Britain. The Treaty of Ghent included a promise that Britain would end for good the practice of impressment. Jefferson's embargo on foreign trading crippled the Atlantic economy to the benefit of America. Washington D.C. was burned to the ground by British troops during the War of 1812. CONCEPT The War of 1812 7 Which of the following statements might have been said by a Federalist? "The United States is too large and diverse for a strong central government." "The Constitution is necessary to prevent ungovernable mobs from taking over." "Individual liberties cannot be assured without a bill of rights." “The government will be run by the wealthy, who have little interest in serving all citizens.” CONCEPT Visions of Government 8 Which of the following events gave greater urgency to the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia? The Great Compromise Washington's election as president Shay's Rebellion The Annapolis Convention CONCEPT Drafting the Constitution 9 Why was the Missouri Compromise significant? It let states decide for themselves whether to allow or forbid slavery. It decided the election of 1824 without any consideration for the popular vote. It highlighted divisions over slavery that had been growing since the nation gained independence. https://www.coursehero.com/file/67105442/Sophia-US-History-1-Milestone-3pdf/ It led to a revival of the Federalist party. CONCEPT The Sectional Crisis and the ʺCorrupt Bargainʺ of 1824 10 Which of the following statements about political tensions during the Jackson administration is true? All of the southern states nullified the federal government's tariff. Jackson sent military into South Carolina to enforce federal law. Jackson questioned the right of the federal government to pass tariffs at all. Southern plantation owners believed tariffs did more harm than good. CONCEPT The Election of 1828 and the Rise of Andrew Jackson 11 Which of the following statements about the French Revolution might have been said by a Federalist? "Our independence from Britain is still delicate, so we should support them all we can." "We sympathize with the French, but ultimately it is not our place to get involved." "The French supported us in our revolution, so we should support them in theirs." "The violence and aggression in France is shocking and cannot be condoned." CONCEPT Looking East 12 Which of the following statements about the divided political climate during the administrations of George Washington and John Adams is true? There was a peaceful transition from Washington's Federalist administration to John Adams's Democratic-Republican one. Washington and Adams refused to censor their opponents, as was common practice in Europe. Democratic-Republican societies organized to support Washington’s domestic policies. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison proposed that states could nullify a federal law if it threatened state sovereignty. CONCEPT Partisan Politics 13 Which of the following was an effect of the Indian Removal Act? The Cherokee Nation was finally able to assimilate to white culture. The Supreme Court upheld the Act in Worcester v. Georgia. Southern slave owners were horrified by the legislation. The cultures of the Southeastern tribes were greatly disrupted. CONCEPT Think About It: What Were the Consequences of Indian Removal? 14 For what purpose was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution? To satisfy Thomas Jefferson's demand that a framework by which new rights could be added to the Constitution be established To satisfy Alexander Hamilton's concern that too much power was being concentrated in the hands of the people https://www.coursehero.com/file/67105442/Sophia-US-History-1-Milestone-3pdf/ To satisfy a commitment made to Anti-Federalists during ratification to clarify the unalienable rights that all Americans possess To separate the three branches of government from each other, as promised to the Federalists during ratification CONCEPT Federalists in Power 15 Which of the following was a major economic shift in the North in the early 19th century? Rising wages for laborers allow them to gain a more sure footing in society and the economy. Changes in manufacturing created more highly-paid jobs that required great skill to perform. The economies of the North and the South became less distinct, as interchangeable parts increased cash crop production in the North. Railroads were welcomed as a sign of technological progress and faster transport times. CONCEPT The Northern Economy 16 Which of the following statements about the domestic slave trade in the 19th century is true? Most slaves sold domestically were transported to the Upper South. The domestic slave trade was much smaller than the international slave trade during this time. The domestic slave trade was facilitated by the spread of cotton production. Most slaves traded domestically were transported to their destination by steam boat. CONCEPT The Southern Economy 17 Which of the following statements about the rise of democracy is true? Western states modeled their voting laws on those of the eastern states that preceded them into the union. Free blacks could vote in many states after the American Revolution, but that right was mostly lost by the 1820s. Even as voting rights became less strict, fewer than half of all white men could vote by the 1820s. Voting rights for women expanded in the early 19th century. [Show More]

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