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Organization Theory and Design 13th Edition by Richard L. Daft TEST BANK

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The Test bank borrows from the elaborated text book fielding questions specially tailored to the text book topics to equip the student with what questions to expect in the quiz’s tests and exams ... The most progressive thinking about organizations today as acclaimed author Richard Daft balances recent, innovative ideas with proven classic theories and effective business practices. Daft’s best-selling ORGANIZATION THEORY AND DESIGN presents a captivating, compelling snapshot of contemporary organizations and the concepts driving their success. Learn about the design of new organizational forms, such as platform-based digital organizations (Amazon, Uber, Facebook) and dual-purpose organizations that provide self-sustaining social welfare benefits to society. Recognized as one of the most systematic, well-organized texts in the market, the 13th edition of ORGANIZATION THEORY AND DESIGN helps both current and future managers thoroughly prepare for the challenges of today’s business world. Organization design: a. encompasses larger elements that influence structural dimensions, including the organization’s size, technology, environment, culture, and goals. b. gives us the tools to evaluate and understand how and why some organizations grow and succeed while others do not. c. obtains inputs from the external environment, adds value through a transformation process, and discharges products and services back to the environment. d. provides labels to describe the internal characteristics of an organization. _____ refers to economic development that generates wealth and meets the needs of the current generation while saving the environment so future generations can meet their needs as well. a. Centralization b. Formalization c. Contingency d. SustainabilitPendant Inc., a retail chain based in England, has implemented an energy-efficient trucking fleet. It is increasing its use of green materials in buildings, and aims to dispose all the waste of the company by 2025. Which of the following measures is Pendant Inc. focusing its efforts on? a. Going green b. Scientific management c. Contingency d. Centralization. _____ refers to technologies, skills, and processes for searching and examining massive sets of data to uncover hidden patterns and correlations. a. Scientific management b. Social business c. A social media program d. Big data analytics. Which of the following is a difference between for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations? a. Financial resources for for-profit businesses come from government appropriations, grants, and donations, while nonprofit organizations are funded by the sale of products or services to customers. b. In for-profit businesses, managers focus on improving an organization’s products and services to increase sales revenues, while in nonprofit organizations, however, services are typically provided to nonpaying clients. c. For-profit businesses are committed to servicing clients with limited funds, while nonprofit organizations have access to unlimited funds to service clients. d. In for-profit businesses, services are typically provided to nonpaying clients, while in nonprofit organizations, services are typically provided to paying clients6. _____ provide labels to describe the internal characteristics of an organization. a. Functional dimensions b. Administrative principles c. Contingency factors d. Structural dimensions [Show More]

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