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ASL Trueway Unit 2 Worksheet Complete Solution | All Answers Correct

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TRUE+WAY ASL Workbook Unrt 2.1 Part 1. Handshape detector activity: Observe how the signer executes the signs and then detect which handshape the signer used. Circle the correct handshape below. 1... . fr ffiffi ffiffi 2. C ffirc +r.!i,iiiiril?:i1ill. lti1ir*}Iffi*& ffiffi J. Lr ffi keffiE .ffi#tr# E ffi#ffiffi ffire reffi Srii*S**gl1ffiitrAffi rere -_*$rffi '5mffi ffi 4. B ffiffi rel:a{rffiffi4ffi ffi iIruffiffi$$ € .JSdrcH ffi*ffi ffircffiffiffi J [Show More]

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