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MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 (Mule 4) Full version: 59 Q&As Kaplan UniversityTRAINING,E 08,22MCD-Level 1

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1. What DataWeave 2.0 type can be used as input to a map operation? A. Object B. Array C. String D. Map Answer: B 2. What is the minimum required configuration in a flow for a Mule application t... o compile? A. An event source B. RAML file C. An event processor D. Logger Component Answer: C 3. Does a root element need when creating a response using Dataweave? A. None of these B. Sometimes C. Never D. Always Answer: B Explanation: Only needs for XMLs. 4. How to import Core (dw::Core) module into your DataWeave scripts? A. import dw::core B. Not needed C. None of these D. import core Answer: B 5. Where would you create SLA Tiers for an API? A. Exchange B. API Manager C. Anypoint MQ D. Within the API [Show More]

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