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Portage Learning BIOD 152 Module 2 Exam 2 | 100 Percent Grade

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Question 1 3 / 3 pts This layer of the meninges is tightly attached to the brain. Pia mater (menix) Question 2 3 / 3 pts The _______ fissure separates the right and left cerebral hemispheres. M... edian longitudinal Question 3 4 / 4 pts Describe the function of the brain ventricles. Question 4 2 / 2 pts All the following are functions of the hypothalamus except: Filters out unimportant sensory information Regulates water balance Question 5 2 / 2 pts What is the largest portion of the brain? Question 6 2 / 2 pts This region of the brain controls decision making skills. Correct! Frontal lobe Cerebellum Occipital lobe Temporal lobe Primary sensory cortex Question 7 2 / 2 pts A patient is having difficulty producing speech sounds, but other motor movements are normal. Which area of the brain is most likely damaged? Correct! Broca’s area Wernicke’s area Occipital lobe Parietal lobe Primary motor cortex Question 8 2 / 2 pts What is muscle tone and how is it maintained? Question 9 2 / 2 pts Which statement is false concerning the brainstem? The midbrain helps to regulate breathing. Question 10 2 / 2 pts Which of the following is true concerning the cerebellum? The anterior lobe receives information from the body trunk. The vermis coordinates the trunk and shoulder movements. Question 11 0 / 2 pts Which of the following is most likely a symptom of ALS? [Show More]

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