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Experimental: Part A – Fractional Distillation of 50:50 Mixture of Ethanol: Water For the Part A of the lab experiment, the distillation apparatus was set-up according to the lab manual. Five tes... t tubes were also obtained and were used instead of a receiving flask to collect the distillate samples. 50 mL of ethanol-water mixture was obtained and boiling chips were added to the mixture to prevent superheating. Then, the distillation was started. After the first drop of the distillate into a test tube, the change in temperature was recorded every 30 seconds. Once the temperature stabilized around the boiling point of the azeotropic mixture, another test tube was used to collect the pure azeotrope. The temperature as the azeotrope was distilling remained at a stable temperature, and then it gradually increased. After the increase in temperature, another test tube was used to collect the next fraction. The temperature was once again recorded after every 30 second until enough data points were collected and a little amount of the mixture was left. The atmospheric pressure in the lab was also recorded, which will be used for the boiling point correction calculations. Part B – Refractive Index Measurement of Distillation Fractions For the Part B of the lab experiment, the refractive index of each collected distillate sample was measured. The refractive index of both the water and ethanol standards were also obtained. Finally, the total volume of the pure azeotrope sample was measured. All the distillate samples collected were poured into the appropriate container. The remaining mixture in the distilling flask was then poured into the waste container [Show More]

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