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NUR 1234 Leadership PrePost Test – Miami Dade College | NUR1234 Leadership PrePost Test

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NUR 1234 Leadership PrePost Test – Miami Dade College 
 Leadership Pre/Post Test 1) A licensed nurse is moving to another state. Which of the following should the nurse do? a) Contact boar... d of nursing in the new state and apply for reciprocity** b) Contact current state and ask to transfer to the state she is moving to c) Request the hospital that has offered the job to contact its state board of nursing d) Prepare to take the NCLEX in the state that she is moving to 2) Which of the following demonstrated the ethical principal of veracity? a) A nurse admits that she forgot to give a medication** b) A nurse protects the physical privacy of the patient c) Every patient is treated with respect and courtesy d) A nurse takes a wound care class to keep her skills up to date 3) A nurse just came on duty and heard report. Who should the RN see first? a) The pt being discharged in an hour b) The pt who needs daily dressing changes c) The pt receiving continuous IV heparin** d) Pt going for a pyelogram w/IV contrast 4) What’s the primary function of a cover letter? a) To entice the prospective employer to read the resume** 5) Charge RN avoids assigning a patient w/herpes zoster to a staff member who has never had? a) Roseola b) Chickenpox** c) German measles d) Mumps 6) The legal authority for nursing practice for each state regulates the profession based on its: a) Joint commission b) State board of nursing c) Nurse practice act** d) Nurse licensure compact 7) An RN applies for a case manager position. RN knows case management is? a) Collaborative process between various health care providers** b) Position in the hospital’s education dept c) Cost-effective method to provide direct nursing care d) Independent role of the RN to determine treatment 8) Which option is the best example of upward communication? a) A doctor writes an order for meds b) A staff RN recommends a more effective approach to organizing care to the RN manager** c) A pharmacist leads a class for staff nurses d) The nurse manager posts a new policy for staff to read 9) An RN on a maternity unit is caring for a pt who just had a baby and whose culture is different than that of the RN. What’s the best way to address the pt’s cultural needs? a) Ask questions and explain to the pt why the questions are being asked.** 10) Which one of the following drives the need for delegation? a) Accommodating the level of care needed by a multitude of difficult pts b) Ability to give new RNs experience w/difficult pts c) The need to organize pt needs according to acuity, desired outcomes and staffing levels** d) The need to share accountability 11) A pt wants his son designated to make his health decisions. What document is needed? a) Informed consent b) Living will c) Pt self-determination d) Durable power of attorney** 12) Supplementing clinical RN knowledge/experience w/implementation of most current research, pt preferences and values is: a) [Show More]

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