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Module 4 Quiz: Chapter 4 and 14: HUMN 330 Values and Ethics/ (100 OUT OF 100) | Already GRADED A.

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HUMN 330 Module 4 - Quiz: Chapter 4 and Chapter 14 1) Rawls believes justice is to social institutions as Money is to economics. Medicine is to hospitals. Taxes are to government. Truth is to scien... tific systems. 2) What does Glaucon want to demonstrate by giving two people rings? Even "good" people will do evil if they can act without consequence. The people have a deep bond with each other. The people are children of the king. People can be trusted with great power. 3) Distributive justice has to do with How justice is divided within a society. How goods are allocated among persons. How likely one is to get a fair trial. A major in college. 4) Ayn Rand believed that egoism was morally wrong. True False 5) To suggest that Tom has a right to the money that is earned as a result of his innovative idea comes under which form of ethical reasoning? Utilitarianism Natural law Categorical imperative Relativism 6) The method Rawls uses to derive principles for determining what social institutions are just is an appeal to an imaginary situation in which people would choose principles not knowing certain possibly biasing things about themselves. True False 7) The ring of Gyges can best be described as which of the following? A ring of inheritance indicating royalty A ring that represents a committed romance A ring that can make the wearer invisible A geological formation in ancient Greece 8) Social contract theory assumes that human beings are psychological egoists. True False 9) What principle aims to compensate for the bias of arbitrary contingencies in the direction of equality? The principle of acquisitive justice. The principle of redress. The principle of rectification. The principle of reflective equilibrium. 10) Where did Ayn Rand immigrate to the United States from? France China Argentina Russia 11) An "end state" view of economic justice is one that is concerned about how things turn out in terms of distribution of wealth in a society. True False 12) According to psychological egoism people Act in ways that are harmful to them. Often act against their own self interests. Act in the way they perceive to be best for them. Act out of deep subconscious needs. 13) For psychological egoism to be valid, we must show that people Act with an aim of achieving self-satisfaction. Get self-satisfaction from their actions. Use others in selfish ways. Need to make other people happy. 14) Libertarians typically hold a process view of justice rather than an end state view. True False 15) The morality of inequality of opportunity is a(n) ethical concern, while the morality of inequality of outcome is a(n) ethical concern? Natural law, relative Categorical imperative, natural law Natural law, utilitarian Utilitarian, relative 16) Adam Smith believed that economic self-interest produces the best general outcome. True False 17) A libertarian conception of economic justice relies on notions of a negative right (a right not to be interfered with), while a socialist conception stresses a positive right (a right to have basic necessities). True False 18) Which of the following is NOT true of Hobbes' social contract theory? It is both a political and a moral position. It assumes that a person's agreement to social rules will be grounded in self-interest. It assumes that the outcome of the social contract will be a democratic government. It assumes that a person's agreement to social rules will be rational. 19) Rawls's second principle of justice requires that an inequality in goods in a society is just provided that the people have merited what they have. True False 20) Ethical egoism is a descriptive theory. True False 21) All of the following are used to evaluate ethical egoism except Grounding in Psychological egoism. Consistency and coherence. Conformity to commonsense morality. Effectiveness in satisfying individual interest. 22) Psychological egoism is a theory that holds that we each ought to do what is in our own best interest. True False 23) Rawls argues that the right to the most extensive equal basic liberties may be reduced if doing so benefits the worst-off in society. True False 24) One form of psychological egoism asserts that we always try do what we think is in our own best interest. True False 25) In Rawls' experiment of original position, the people most likely to choose Society A are Risk takers. People with a lot of money. Old souls. People who believe in karma. [Show More]

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HUMN 330_all module quizzes 1-9 BUNDLE/ Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; HUMN330 | (Answered, updated solutions) | Download To Score An A.

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