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MICROBIO 1100 Quiz 1 (100 OUT OF 100 Points)/ Lectures 1 & 2 (Chapters 1, 3 and 4) | Download To Score An A.

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Microbiology Quiz #1 – Lectures 1 & 2 (Chapters 1, 3 and 4) 1. The arguments supporting spontaneous generation were finally disproved by: Louis Pasteur 2. Which microscope is used to see in... tracellular detail in a living cell? Two-photon microscope (doesn’t kill it  tracking as it’s moving) 3. An algae cell contains which type(s) of ribosome? 80s & 70s 4. Who is credited with first observing microorganisms? Anton Van Leuwenhoek 5. In the name Staphylococcus aureus, aureus is the Species 6. Which of the following structures is NOT found in some prokaryotic cells? Cillium 7. The bacterial shape of the cells in this micrograph would be best described as Bacillus 8. In which of the following situations would Koch’s postulates be utilized? Determination of the cause of a new emerging disease by scientists studying disease transmission 9. Fimbriae and pili differ in that: Pili are used for transfer of DNA and motility 10. Which of the following is never useful for observing living cells? Scanning electron microscope 11. Which of the following correctly traces the path of light through the compound microscope? Light source; condenser; specimen; objective lens; ocular lens 12. All cells possess a cell wall False 13. Where are phospholipids most likely found in a eukaryotic cell? The plasma membrane ** Plasma membrane, around organelles and surrounding flagella (in bacteria no membrane around flagella) 14. Which of the following places the steps of the Gram stain in the correct order? (1) alcohol-acetone (2) crystal violet (3) safranin (4) iodine 2-4-1-3 15. Proof that a microbe could cause disease was provided by? Koch 16. In the figure, which diagram of a cell wall possesses lipid A/endotoxin responsible for symptoms associated with infection? B (gram negative) 17. If you are performing a Gram stain and do not decolourize, what is the appearance of E. coli using a light microscope? Purple bacillus 18. Which of the following statements about biofilms is FALSE? Compared to free-living bacteria, biofilms are more sensitive to antibiotics 19. Which of the following terms best describes the cell in the figure? Lophotrichous flagella (multiple flagella at one pole) 20. Which microscope is used to observe a specimen that emits light when illuminated with a UV light? Fluorescence microscope 21. A virus measures 100 nm in length. What is its length in m? 0.1 m [Show More]

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