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Shadow Health NUR 509 SOAP Note – CHEST PAIN. (Chamberlain) Solutions Guide

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Patient Information: Brian Foster, 58 yo Male. Presenting with recent episode of chest pain. S. CC: Patient states intermittent chest pain that is tight and uncomfortable. HPI: Onset: Earlier in... the month Location: Middle of chest, does not radiate. Duration: Pain lasts “several” minutes. Pain passes with rest. Has experienced CP 3x this month. Last episode of CP last Friday per patient. Characteristics: Denies sweating, nausea, vomiting, SOB or palpitations with pain. Has never experienced this pain before. Describes pain as “tight” and “uncomfortable”. States pain a 5/10 at worst. Currently no pain. Denies crushing, gnawing or burning pain. Aggravating Factors: Physical activity. Fist occurrence when Mr. Foster was doing yardwork, second occurrence when he had to use stairs at work to 5th floor office when elevator was broken. Pain does not worsen when eating any type of food. Relieving Factors: Rest, “lying still”, sitting down to rest. Treatment: Patient has not taken any medications for the chest pain. [Show More]

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