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A patient comes to the clinic asking for help to quit drinking alcohol. She has a 21-year history of heavy drinking and is worried about developing cirrhosis of the liver. The patient agrees to take d... isulfiram (Antabuse). The nurse will teach the patient that the combination of alcohol and Antabuse will cause which of the following? Selected Answer: Nausea • Question 2 0 out of 1 points You decide to start your pt, Ms. Rodrigues, on spironolactone (Aldactone) 50 mg PO daily. As the NP, you will instruct the patient to call the clinic if which symptoms are experienced? Selected Answer: Increased irritability, abdominal cramping, and lower extremity weakness. • Question 3 1 out of 1 points A clinic Nurse Practitioner is planning care for a 68-year-old man who has been on omeprazole (Prilosec) therapy for heartburn for some time. Regarding the patient's safety, which of the following would be a priority nursing action? Selected Answer: Coordinate bone density testing for the patient. • Question 4 0 out of 1 points Your patient is on Atorvastatin 40 mg daily, and presents for their routine follow up appointment. They complain of extreme fatigue, muscle aches, and dark colored urine. What is your best course of action given presentation? Selected Answer: Obtain a liver function test • Question 5 0 out of 1 points The first drugs typically used to treat the symptoms of an allergic reaction or allergic rhinitis are: Selected Answer: intranasal H1 antihistamines. • Question 6 0 out of 1 points Glucocorticoids affect the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Selected Answer: False • Question 7 1 out of 1 points Mr. Lastinger was prescribed warfarin sodium (Coumadin). You advise him to avoid eating large amounts of leafy green vegetables because: Selected Answer: The high vitamin K levels will decrease the INR • Question 8 1 out of 1 points The nurse practitioner has prescribed elemental iron 6 mg/kg/day in three divided doses for a toddler diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia. What instructions would the family nurse practitioner include for the parents? Selected Answer: Give the medication through a straw to decrease the staining of the teeth. • Question 9 1 out of 1 points A female patient is taking 0.125 mg of digoxin daily for heart failure. At a recent clinic visit she reports that since she has been on the drug, she can breathe better and her heart rate has been around 74 beats per minute. The nurse weighs the patient and notices that she has gained 10 pounds since the digoxin therapy was started. The patient is concerned that the additional weight will necessitate an increase in the medication. Which of the following is an appropriate response by the nurse? ................................................................CONTINUED................................................... [Show More]

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