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NURSING 2501( Exam 1 )Test Bank Chapter 7/: End-of-Life Care Questions And Answers/TOP SCORE

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Exam 1 test bank Chapter 7: End-of-Life Care 1. A nurse cares for a dying client. Which manifestation of dying should the nurse treat first? a. Anorexia b. Pain c. Nausea d. Hair loss Only symp toms t... hat cause distress for a dying client should be treated. Such symptoms include pain, nausea and vomiting, dyspnea, and agitation. These problems interfere with the client’s comfort. Even when symptoms, such as anorexia or hair loss, disturb the family, they should be treated only if the client is distressed by their presence. The nurse should treat the client’s pain first. 2. A nurse plans care for a client who is nearing end of life. Which question should the nurse ask when developing this client’s plan of care? [Show More]

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