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RN Concept-Based Assessment Level 1 A Test Bank Questions And Answers/Rated A+

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RN Concept-Based Assessment Level 1 ATest Bank, Latest • A nurse is admitting a client who has pulmonary tuberculosis. Which of the followingtransmission-based precautions should the nurse initiat e... ? • Airborne • Rationale: Pulmonary tuberculosisis an infection that is transmitted by airbornedroplets smaller than 5 microns in diameter. Therefore, this client requires airborne precautions to prevent communicating this infection to others • A nurse in a mental health facility is preparing an educational program for a group ofstaff nurses about the proper use of restraints. Which of the following information should the nurse plan to include? • An adult client may be in a mechanical restraint for up to 4 hours • Rational: The nurse should specify that a client who is 18 years or older may be in a restraint for no more than 4 hr. Children who are 9 to 17 years old are limited to 2 hr and children who are younger than 9 years old are limited to 1 hr • A nurse is teaching sleep hygiene to a client who has insomnia. Which of the followingstatements should the nurse make? • Exercise in the morning after arising • Rationale: Daily exercise has many benefits, including enhancing cardiovascular,psychological, and musculoskeletal health. The nurse should recommend that the client avoid exercising within 2 hr of bedtime to limit stimulation and enhance sleep • A nurse is preparing to leave the room of a client who is on isolation precautions. Whichof the following actions should the nurse take when removing a tied surgical mask? • Remove the mask by securely holding the ties and moving it away from the face • Rationale: The nurse should untie the bottom strings and then the top strings.Finally, while still holding the strings, the nurse should remove the mask fromher face. This action prevents the nurse from touching the front of the mask, which is contaminated • A nurse is caring for an adolescent client who is in critical condition following a motor vehicle crash in which he was the passenger. The client's parent shouts at the nurse, asking why her son is dying instead of the driver. Which of the following actions shouldthe nurse take to provide emotional support to the parent? • Inform the parent that anger is a natural response when dealing with loss • Rationale: The nurse should identify that the parent is in the anger stage of grief.The nurse should assist the parent to understand that anger is a natural response to loss and encourage her to talk about her feelings • A community health nurse is planning prevention strategies for hypertension amongmembers of her community. The nurse should identify that which of the following ethnic groups in the community is at greatest risk of developing hypertension? [Show More]

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