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Instructions: Questions 1-4 use the financial model on tab Q1-4 in the Exam Workbook. Complete the model by filling in the blank cells before answering the question below. Answers should be rounded ... to the nearest whole number, comma separating 000s, NOT written in currency format. So if the answer is $5,505,210.50, you would input 5,505,210. 1. What is forecast Revenue in 2017? 13,642,021 2. What is forecast Net Income in 2016? 925,777 3. If Depreciation&Amortization as a % of Capital Expenditures is changed to 30%, what is Net Income in 2017? 1,123,438 4. What is the EBITDA % Margin in 2018? 17.1% Instructions: Questions 5-19 use the data table on tab Q5-19 in the Exam Workbook. We strongly recommend you analyze this data with the aid of a pivot table. You may also beneft from adding some extra calculation columns to the dataset. Answers for numerical data should be rounded to the nearest 1 decimal, comma separating 000s, NOT written in currency format. So if the answer is $10,500.658, you would input 10,500.7. 5. Over the entire analysis period, which sales rep sold the highest cumulative quantity of a single item? Rob Stewar [Show More]

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