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ATI MENTAL HEALTH PROCTORED UPDATED 2022 145 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS 1. A client who has anorexia nervosa is more likely to have _____ resulting from extreme malnutrition. - lanugo 2. a client who has... bulimia nervosa is likely to have _______ caused by frequent exposure to gastric acid from vomiting. - dental caries and tooth erosion 3. extreme distractibility is a hallmark manifestation of _______. - delirium 4. criteria for hospitalization is weight loss over 30% of total body weight in _____months. - 6 5. severe hypothermia, a temperature lower than ________ due to loss of subcutaneous tissue or dehydration, requires hospitalization. - 96.8 6. fine hand tremors are an expected adverse effect of _____ and ca interfere with the client's ADLs, causing the client to stop taking the medication. - Lithium 7. the nurse should encourage the client to drink _____ of fluid each waking hour to maintain hydration. - 125 mL 8. an initial response to amitriptyline can develop in 1 week. For a client who has been severely depressed with suicidal ideation, the energy to carry out a plan is ____. - more possible after 1 week of treatment 9. clients who are taking tranylcypromine, an MAOI-antidepressent, should not take _____and other OTC medications for sinus, congestion, colds or allergies due to their actions on the sympathetic nervous system, which can results in severe hypertension. - phenylephrine 10. the nurse should identify that mild cognitive impairment, such as frequently misplacing objects, is one of the first manifestations expected to occur for a client who has ____. - Alzheimer's Disease11. a client who is experiencing ___ is expected to have hypertension, tachycardia, and a fever greater than 38.3 (101 F) - alcohol withdrawal 12. a client who is experiencing alcohol withdrawal can experience profuse sweating and _____ pupils - dilated 13. benztropine is used to treat parkinsonism manifestations, such as _____ - shuffling gait 14. St. John's wort is an herbal preparation that decreases reuptake of serotonin. The nurse should advise the client that taking St. John's wort with another medication that also inhibits the reuptake of serotonin, such as ____, placed the client at risk for - paroxetine 15. _____ is common in clients who have depression. The nurse should allow the client extra time to comprehend and formulate an answer to the question. - slowed response time 16. The greatest risk to the client who is experiencing alcohol withdrawal is seizures, an elevated heart rate, and elevated blood pressure. ____ acts rapidly to prevent seizures, stabilize vital signs and decrease the intensity of withdrawal manifestations - IV Diazepam 17. it is the ____ responsibility to confront the staff member about her behavior toward the client. - charge nurse and the nurse manager 18. clients who have ____ can disrupt the therapeutic milieu for other clients. Therefore, the nurse should move this client to a private room. - bipolar disorder 19. the nurse should document the client's behavior every ____ while the client is in seclusion. - 15- 30 min 20. the nurse should assess the client's behavior frequently during seclusion and should renew the prescription for seclusion for an adult client every ____ for a maximum of 24 hour. - 4 hr [Show More]

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