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Full ASVAB Practice Test 2022 with COMPLETE SOLUTIONS

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General Science: How many moons does Saturn have? - ✔✔62 General Science: If you weigh 150 pounds on Earth, - ✔✔You will weigh less on the moon General Science: The Earth is the ______ plane... t from the sun. - ✔✔third General Science: Which has a pH over 7? - ✔✔baking soda General Science: Which part of the ear is most likely to be damaged by loud noises? - ✔✔Hairs in the cochlea General Science: When did the space shuttle first fly? - ✔✔1981 General Science: Which are not considered greenhouse gases? - ✔✔Oxygen General Science: How many bones are in the human body? - ✔✔206 General Science: Sound waves travel faster in - ✔✔Steel General Science: At what temperature Celsius does water boil? - ✔✔100 degrees General Science: What is the chemical abbreviation for table salt? - ✔✔NaCl General Science: Which of these planets in our solar system is closest to the sun? - ✔✔Venus [Show More]

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