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Reading, Understanding, and Applying Nursing Research 6th Edition By James Fain (Test Bank All Chapters)

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Part I. Nature of Research and the Research Process 1. Introduction to Nursing Research 2. Differentiating Types of Scholarship: Quality Improvement, Evidence-Based Practice, and Research 3. Unders... tanding the Research Process and Ethical Issues in Nursing Research 4. Understanding Evidence-Based Practice Part II. Planning a Research Study 5. Selecting and Defining a Problem 6. Applying Appropriate Theories and Conceptual Models 7. Formulating Hypotheses and Research Questions 8. Selecting the Sample and Setting 9. Selecting a Quantitative Research Design 10. Selecting a Qualitative Research Design 11. Data Collection Methods 12. Principles of Measurement Part III. Utilization of Nursing Research 13. Analyzing Data 14. Interpreting and Reporting Research Findings 15. Critiquing Research Reports [Show More]

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