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COMMUNITY EXIT HESI - LATEST STUDY GUIDE 5. A community health nurse is reviewing laboratory results for his case load of clients. Which of the following is the highest priority finding? a sputum sp... ecimen that is positive for tuberculosis 6. A nurse is triaging victims of a commuter train crash. Which of the following clients should be transported to the Emergency Department first? an ambulatory client whose nose is bleeding and who reports feeling dizzy 7. A community health nurse is caring for clients in a culturally diverse community. Which of the following actions demonstrates accurate cultural knowledge about a specific cultural group? include both hot and cold food items on a Hispanic client’s menu 8. A nurse is caring for a client who has questions about his treatment plan. Which of the following should the nurse perform as a client advocate (select all that apply)? provide education to the client about the diagnosis inform the client about the provider’s responsibility to provide information assist the client in preparing questions for the provider affirm the client’s decision about the treatment plan 9. A nurse is working with a client who is homeless. Which of the following is the first step that the nurse should take to advocate for this client? refer the client to a public homeless shelter 10. A nurse is providing education to a group of adolescents who are pregnant and attending high school. Which of the following information should the nurse include in this teaching? caffeinated beverages should be replaced with caffeine-free 11. A community health nurse is writing an emergency response plan for a day care. Which of the following should be included in the plan? immunization protocol for various biological agents 12. A community health nurse is preparing to teach accident and injury prevention. Which of the following would be the priority topic for a family with a 10-year-old child? use if seat belts in automobiles 13. A child is brought to the school nurse by her teacher who thinks the child may have contracted rubeola. Which of the following findings supports this diagnosis? koplik spots in the oral mucosa 14. A home health nurse is performing an eye assessment and vision screening on an older adult client recently assigned to her care. Which of the following findings indicates a need for an intervention? slightly yellow sclera 15. Which of the following is an example of the responsibilities of public health nursing informing state health officials of a potential meningitis outbreak 16. A nurse is providing a staff development program on HIPPA regulations to the staff at a community health clinic. Which of the following comments by one of the attendees would indicate a need for further teaching? “Demographic data that identify a client can be released without consent” 17. A nurse administers a tuberculin skin test to a client who is HIV positive. Which of the following indicates a positive reaction to the test? Induration at infection site of 8 mm 18. After presenting several teaching sessions to a group of high school students about the harmful effects of tobacco use, a nurse valuates the teaching to be effective when a student states which of the following “As long as I stop smoking while I am young, none of those diseases will affect me” 19. A home health nurse is educating a client diagnosed with COPD about home oxygen use. Which of the following statements by the client indicates a need for additional teaching “I should use wool blankets on my bed when oxygen in use” 20. A nurse is providing teaching to the wife of a client who has had a stroke regarding health-related services that will be provided in the home. Which of the following statements by the wife indicates that the teaching has been effective? “The physical therapist will teach my husband exercises to increase hand dexterity” 21. A nurse is assisting with the development of a disaster management plan for a local community. During which of the following times should an evacuation plan be disclosed to the public During disaster preparedness activities 22. A community health nurse is teaching a client who has tuberculosis about modes of disease transmission. The nurse recognizes that the client understands the concept when the client makes which of the following statements “I will wear a mask when I’m in an enclosed area with other people” 23. A nurse is caring for a client who asks “can I decide not to continue with chemotherapy?” The nurse responds, “This is your choice and I’ll support whatever decision you make.” The nurse’s response is an example of which of the following ethical principles Autonomy 24. A community health nurse is working with a family in which only the children speak English. The nurse should select a translator who is Skilled in health-related interpretation 25. A community health nurse working with a migrant population recognizes that which of the following is necessary to provide care to this population Offering health screenings at a community center CONTINUED............DOWNLOAD FOR BEST SCORES [Show More]

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