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Uncertain Supply Chain Management

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1. Introduction Supply Chain Management (SCM) efficiency is considered a critical field of operations management study. SCM comprises numerous interlinked resources and activities, beginning with ... the collection of raw materials from the sources needed to create products and services for customers (Cooper et al., 1997). SCM's main focus is on providing the right product to the consumers at the right cost, the right time, the right quality and the right amount. While, SCM's short-term strategic objective is to minimize cycle time and inventory and thus increase productivity, but the long-term objective is to increase profits through market share and customer service. The purpose of this study is to recognize, in a first step, the main factors that may contribute to the success of the supply chain from the existing literature, and in a second step, to construct a standardized model based on these different factors. In the context of Saudi SMEs, the motivators or critical factors that influence the supply chain output are established. In addition, we propose an ISM-based modeling framework to identify and summarize the relationship between factors that define an issue or problem (Sage, 1977). SCM performance variables or factors were identified through a detailed literature review; academic and industry expert views were also required. ISM approach was used to display the interrelationship between the factors and to classify their effect on SCM results. [Show More]

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