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NURS 6670 / NURS6670 FINAL EXAM-with verified answers and rationales-2022-2023

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Collette is a 23-year-old female who presented for emergency care with her mother because her behavior has become increasingly erratic and caused her to lose her job. Her mother reports that she had n... ever done anything like this in the past, but about 3 months ago, her boyfriend of 3 years broke up with her, and Collette began to express unrealistic beliefs that her boyfriend wanted to drive her crazy and hurt her. A gentleman trying to hail a taxi accidentally bumped into her this morning, and she started screaming that her ex-boyfriend had hired the man to throw her into the street under a car. Collette is on a 2-week suspension from her job as a restaurant server because she was combative to a customer— she accused him of colluding with her ex-boyfriend to get her fired. After this morning's incident, her mother was so worried she brought her to the emergency room. Her appearance is disheveled, she is clearly hyperalert and is crying that her boyfriend must have converted her mother to work against her. Head imaging, screening lab, and a toxicology screen are negative. A leading differential for Collette is: Acute psychotic episode Rationale: Collette's differential diagnosis is an acute psychotic episode, this disorder causes abnormal ideas and perceptions. Two of the main symptoms are delusions and hallucinations. Delusions are false beliefs, such as that someone is against them and hallucinations are false perceptions, such as listening, or feeling something that does not exist. Question 2. Jake and Laurie are a young married couple who have been referred to mental health counseling because Jake is having disturbing sleep events. Laurie reports that on more than one occasion she has awakened to find Jake having what appears to be a panic attack, but he doesn't seem to realize it. When he finally wakes up, he is confused and doesn't really understand what happened, although he does have a sense of intense fear. This has happened twice in the last 2 weeks, and the last time Laurie heard him screaming. Jake is now a bit CONTINUED...... [Show More]

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