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Sterile Processing Study Guide PART 3. Questions and answers. Graded.

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Pitting on a stainless steel instrument appears as - Ans-dark black craters. a broken glass suction bottle is returned to decontamination what do you do? - Ans-place it in an appropriate rigid co... ntainer Safety Data Sheet (SDS) provide health and safety hazard and risk information on which of the following ? - Ans-chemical 'clean to dirty" is a sterile processing department term used to describe - Ans-work-flow The layer on a surgical instrument that is created by the passivation process is called - Ans-chromium oxide. Surgical instruments with tungsten carbide inserts can be identified by their - Ans-gold handles A surgical instrument used for laser procedures would have which of the following finishes? - Ans-Ebonized which of the following generally describes the correct sequence for the traffic workflow in area in which medical devices are processed? - Ans-decontamination, assembly , packaging, sterilization, sterile storage a patient contract an infection from an improperly sterilize surgical instrument. this is an example of - Ans-a healthcare acquired infection coronary artery bypass surgery may be performed on patient with - Ans-arteriosclerosis Which of the following lubricants is recommended for use on surgical instruments? - Ans-Water-based Which of the following would not be included in the routine inspection of an instrument? - Ans-Vendor identification number all of the following are classified as critical devices EXCEPT - Ans-thermometers A liver biopsy would be performed to check for which disease ? - Ans-Hepatitis C Virus An instrument should be lubricated - Ans-according to the instrument manufacturer's instructions for use. When the jaws of a stainless steel (non-tungsten carbide) needle holder become worn, the needle holder must be - Ans-discarded It would be most likely for you to find a crack in which part of a hinged instrument? - Ans-Box lock A laparoscopic instrument with cracked or nicked insulation can cause - Ans-an electrical shock and burns. Powered equipment should be lubricated - Ans-According to manufacturer's instructions Decontamination procedures - Ans-reduce contamination to permits reprocessed medical devices to be sterilized nosocomial infections can be prevented by all of the following EXCEPT - Ans-Increasing the patient length of stay which of the following agencies would approve the disinfectants used on floors and walls in the sterile processing Department - Ans-Environmental protection Agency (EPA) [Show More]

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