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4 ATLS Post Tests. Includes MCQ and Q&A. 2019/2020. More than 150 Questions and Answers

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1. The primary indication for transferring a patient to a higher level trauma center is: unavailability of a surgeon or operating room  staff. multiple system injuries, including severe  h... ead injury. resource limitations as determined by the  transferring doctor. resource limitations as determined by the  hospital administration. widened mediastinum on chest x-ray  following blunt thoracic trauma. 2. teen-aged bicycle rider is hit by a truck traveling at a high rate of speed. In the emergency department, she is actively bleeding from open fractures of her legs, and has abrasions on her chest and abdominal wall. Her blood pressure is 80/50 mm Hg, heart rate is 140 beats per minute, respiratory rate is 8 breaths per minute, and GCS score is 6. The first step in managing this patient is to: obtain a lateral cervical spine x-ray.  insert a central venous pressure line.  administer 2 liters of crystalloid solution.  perform endotracheal intubation and  ventilation. apply the PASG and inflate the leg  compartments. 3. Contraindication to nasogastric intubation is the presence of a: gastric perforation.  diaphragmatic rupture.  open depressed skull fract [Show More]

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