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AHIP – 4 Test with COMPLETE SOLUTION | 100% Correct Answers

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A Medicare beneficiary has walked into your office and requested that you sit down with her and discuss her options under the Medicare Advantage program. Before engaging in such a discussion, what s... hould you do? - ✔✔You must have her sign a scope of appointment form, indicating which products she wishes to discuss. You may then proceed with the discussion. You will be holding a sales event in the near future, at which you would like to offer door prizes to attendees. Under guidelines from the Medicare agency, what types of gifts or prizes would not be allowed in this situation? - ✔✔Gift cards or gift certificates of $15 or less that can be readily converted to cash. During a sales presentation, your client asks you whether the Medicare agency recommends that she sign up for your plan or stay in Original Medicare. What should you tell her? - ✔✔Tell her that the Medicare agency does not endorse or recommend any plan. ABC is a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan sponsor. It would like to use its enrollees' information to market non-health related products such as life insurance and annuities. To do so it must obtain authorization from the enrollees. Which statement best describes the authorization process? - ✔✔Authorization may be obtained by directing a beneficiary to a website to provide consent as long as the website includes a mechanism for an electronic signature that is valid under applicable law. Agent Martinez wishes to solicit Medicare Advantage prospects through e-mail and asks you for advice as to whether this is possible. What should you tell her? - ✔✔Marketing representatives may initiate electronic contact through e-mail but an opt-out process must be provided. Miguel Sanchez is a relatively new agent who has come to you for advice as to what he can do during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (MA-OEP). What advice should you give Miguel? - ✔✔During the MA-OEP, Miguel can have one-on-one meetings with beneficiaries who have requested such meetings. Mrs. Lu is turning 65 in November and called to ask for your help deciding on a Medicare Advantage plan. She agreed to sign a scope of appointment form and meet with you on October 15. During the appointment, what are you permitted to do? - ✔✔You may provide her with the required enrollment materials and take her completed enrollment application. You are working several plans and community organizations to sponsor an educational event. When putting together advertisements for this event, what should you do? [Show More]

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Bundle for AHIP Tests Compilation

Bundle for AHIP Tests Compilation

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Bundle for AHIP Tests Compilation | Everything you need!!

Bundle for AHIP Tests Compilation | Everything you need!!

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