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CMAA Test C Question and answers (100% Correct)

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A provider notes a large hematoma on the right forearm of a patient during an examination. Using the SOAP method of documentation, in which of the following sections of the medical record does this in... formation belong? - Objective Once a physician signs advance directives, the medical administrative assistant should have which of the following witness the signature? - Non-affiliated individual Which of the following describes double-booking patients? - Scheduling three patients at the same time for the same provider Which of the following describes an urgent referral? - It takes 24 hr to receive approval and is for a non-life threatening condition. A patient is scheduled for a follow-up appointment in 6 months. At which of the following times should the assistant call to remind the patient of the appointment? - 1 day before the appointment A medical administrative assistant is working with a mother who is receiving care after the birth of her newborn. Which of the following describes the mother's condition? - Postpartum A medical administrative assistant schedules a procedure for a patient at an outside surgical center. Which of the following information should the assistant communicate to the patient? - The pre-procedure home instructions Which of the following is a component of OSHA's Hazardous Communication Standard? - Ensuring that employee "right to know" information is available Which of the following conditions describes a narrowing of the spinal canal in the lumbar spine? - Spinal stenosis [Show More]

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