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NR 509 Chamberlain College of Nursing Week 4 Quiz_ NR 509 Advanced Physical Assessment Week 4 Quiz - Question and Answers

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NR 509 Quiz 4 with Answers A 35-year-old man is seen in the clinic for an infection in his left foot. Which of these findings should the FNP expect to see during an assessment of this patient? The d... irection of blood flow through the heart is best described by which of these In assessing the carotid artery’s of an older patient with cardiovascular disease, the FNP would When listening to heart sounds the FNP knows that the valve closures that can be heard best at the base of the heart are The sack that surrounds and protects the heart is called the When assessing a newborn infant who is five minutes old the FNP knows that which of these statements would be true? The FNP is performing an assessment on an adult. The adults vital signs are normal and capillary refill is five seconds. What should the FNP do next? During an assessment of an older adult the FNP should expect to notice which finding as normal physiologic change associated with aging process? The mother of a three month old infant states that her baby has not been gaining weight. With further questioning the FNP finds that the infant falls asleep after nursing and wakes up after a short amount of time hungry again. What other information with the FNP want to have? In assessing a patient’s major risk factors for heart disease which would the FNP want to include when taking a history? The FNP is assessing the pulses of a patient who has been admitted for untreated hyperthyroidism. The FNP should expect to find a____pulse A patient complains of leg pain that wakes him at night. He states that he has been having problems with his legs. He has pain in his legs when they are elevated and disappears when he dangles them. He recently noticed a sore on the inner aspect of his right ankle. On the basis of this history information the FNP interprets that the patient is most likely experiencing During an assessment the FNP uses the profile sign to detect Which of these statements describes the closure of the valves in a normal cardiac cycle? When performing a peripheral vascular assessment on a patient the FNP is unable to palpate the ulnar pulses. The patient skin is warm and capillary refill is normal. The FNP should next A 67-year-old patient states that he “recently began have pain in his left calf when climbing the 10 stairs to his apartment”. This pain is relieved by sitting for about two minutes then he’s able to resume activities. The FNP interprets this patient is most likely experiencing In assessing a 70-year-old man the FNP finds the following blood pressure 140/100 mmHg, heart rate 104 and slightly irregular, split S2. Which of these findings can be explained by expected hemodynamic changes related to age? The FNP is examining the lymphatic system of a healthy three year old child. Which finding should the FNP expect? The FNP is preparing to perform modified Allen test. Which is an appropriate reason for this test? A 25-year-old woman is in her fifth month of pregnancy has a blood pressure of 100/70 mmHg. In reviewing her previous exam the FNP notes that her blood pressure in her second month was 124/80 mmHg. When evaluating this change what does the FNP know to be true? Findings from an assessment of a 70-year-old patient with swelling in his ankles include jugular venous pusations, 5 cm above the sternal angle when the head of his bed is elevated 45°. The FNP knows that this finding indicate: The component of the conduction system referred to as the pacemaker of the heart is the The FNP is reviewing anatomy and physiology of the heart. Which statement best describes what is meant by atrial kick? A 45-year-old man is in the clinic for a routine physical. During history the patient states he has been having difficulty sleeping. I’ll be sleeping great and then I wake up and feel like I can’t catch my breath. The FNP‘s best response to this would be When assessing a patient the FNP notes that the left femoral pulse as diminished 1+/4+. What should the FNP do next? [Show More]

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