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TNCC Written Exam 2022 (92 Questions with 100% Correct Answers)

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What is the best measure of the adequacy of cellular perfusion and helps predict the outcome of resuscitation? - ✔✔Base deficit used in conjunction with serum lactate 2. Will hypocapnia cause va s... oconstriction or vasodilation, especially in the cerebral vasculature? - ✔✔Vasoconstriction 3. What results from tissue hypo perfusion and oxygen deficit? - ✔✔Metabolic acidosis 4. What type of shock results in generalized vasodilation? - ✔✔Neurogenic shock 5. Spinal cord injuries at C3-C5 causes loss of what nerves function, resulting in what? - ✔✔Phrenic nerve; paralyzed diaphragm and inability to breath 6. Extremity elevation AT the level of the heart is beneficial for what type of injury? - ✔✔Compartment Syndrome 7. What is a high risk of frostbite? - ✔✔Thrombus formation 8. What two medications can be administered to maintain perfusion after a frostbite injury along with rewarming? [Show More]

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