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Ethics, Compliance Auditing, and Emerging Issues

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Ethics, Compliance Auditing, and Emerging Issues.Ethics, Compliance Auditing, and Emerging Issues 2 Introduction One of the most invasive global risks is technological. Technology is constantly cha... nging, and it effects so many people, especially businesses. Technology has changed so much over the years from just being able to access it at home or work through a computer to being able to access it through our phones and smartwatches anywhere we are. “Technological innovations such as these have become an essential part of the workplace, changed the tasks of the workforce, and created unanticipated ethical challenges” (GonzalezPadron, 2015), which can lead to “technological trends that could influence misconduct in the workplace” (Gonzalez-Padron, 2015). In this paper, I will discuss how technological affects businesses in different countries, evaluate the role of ethical decision making in business, analyze the impact of business ethics on stakeholder relationships, why it is necessary to create an ethics program, conduct training, and engage in compliance auditing. Identify all countries that might be associated with the risk. Technology advancing means there are more cyber-attacks, data [Show More]

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