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NHA CCMA Study Guide/ NHA certification Study Guide for CCMA 2022

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NHA CCMA Study Guide/ NHA certification Study Guide for CCMA 2022 Chief Complaint Definition CORRECT ANS:- The reason why the patient came to see the physician. Chief Complaint Abbreviation CORREC... T ANS:- CC History of Present Illness Abbreviation CORRECT ANS:- HPI History of Present Illness Definition CORRECT ANS:- This is an explanation of the CC to determine the onset of the illness; associated symptoms; what the patient has done to treat the condition, etc. Past, Family and Social History Abbreviation CORRECT ANS:- PFSH Past Medical History Definition CORRECT ANS:- Includes all health problems, major illnesses, surgeries the patient has had, current medications complete with reasons for taking them, and allergies. Family History Definition CORRECT ANS:- Summary of health problems of siblings, parents, and other blood relatives that could alert the physician to hereditary and/or familial disease. Social History Definition CORRECT ANS:- Includes marital status, occupation, educational attainment, hobbies, use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and lifestyles. Review of Systems Abbreviation CORRECT ANS:- ROS Review of Systems Definition CORRECT ANS:- This is an orderly and systematic check of each organ and system of the body by questions. Both positive and pertinent negative findings are documented. 3 Body Processes Necessary for life are: CORRECT ANS:- Body Temperature, Respiration, Heart Function 4 Vital Signs of Body Function are: CORRECT ANS:- Temperature, Pulse, Respiration, Blood Pressure Define Body Temperature CORRECT ANS:- Is a balance between heart production and heart loss in conjunction with each other, maintained and regulated by the hypothalamus. Thermometers CORRECT ANS:- Are used to measure temperature using the Fahrenheit and Centigrade or Celsius scale. Temperature Sites CORRECT ANS:- Mouth, Rectum, Ear (Tympanic Membrane), and the axilla (underarm). Normal Temperature Range for Rectal CORRECT ANS:- 98.6F to 100.6F 37.0C to 38.1C Normal Temperature Range for Oral CORRECT ANS:- 97.6F to 99.6F 36.5C to 37.5C Normal Temperature Range for Axillary CORRECT ANS:- 96.6F to 98.6F 35.9C to 37.0C Normal Temperature Range for Tympanic Membrane CORRECT ANS:- 98.6 F 37 C Define Febrile CORRECT ANS:- Presence of Fever Define Afebrile CORRECT ANS:- Absence of Fever Define Fever CORRECT ANS:- Elevated body temperature beyond normal range. Intermittent Fever CORRECT ANS:- Fluctuating fever that returns to or below baseline then rises again. Remittent Fever CORRECT ANS:- Fluctuating fever that remains elevated; it does not return to baseline temperature. Continuous Fever CORRECT ANS:- A fever that remains constant above the baseline; it does not fluctuate. Oral Temperature CORRECT ANS:- Is the most common method of measurement. Oral Temperature is not taken from what patients: CORRECT ANS:- -infants and children less than six years old -patients who has had surgery or facial, neck, nose, or mouth injury -those receiving oxygen -those with nasogastric tubes -patients with convulsive seizure -hemiplegic patients [Show More]

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