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MGMT 404 Project Management; Getta Byte Software project final 2020/2021

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The Getta Byte Software project is a mission that is formed with the main goal in mind of replacing the current manual billing system with an online softwa re-based system that will enable accurate, e... asy and fast data entry system. It is worth noting that the existing system has the capability of helping the company to carry out the duties in daily operations. This is quite fine, but there are a few challenges that calls for an online system. The first concern is that the existing system is manual and therefore, time consuming and very inaccurate. A lot of time is needed in entering the information into the system and the end result is the inconsistency of the information entered and therefore, putting the company at risk. The solution to this problem is to come up with an automated system that shall be very fast and produce accurate data. The system shall be base on online operation which will enhance an easy way of entering the data, conceive a dynamic update towards the receivables. The system shall have a goal of saving up to 25 % of the total labor per month since, human resources to operate the billing system shall be reduced. The extra cost saved by the company shall be used elsewhere and hence, raising the total profits made by the company each month. The project focuses towards working with a bunch of people to spread risks in the company. These people shall include the CFO, CEO the billing department and also customer care services. The success of the project shall be attributed to the fact that the billing cycles are reduced to more than 30% each month. As per the project schedule, it is expected that the first piloting shall be done by September 1st. This shall imply that the development and testing of the software shall be done by 15th August. This shall give an ample time to facilitate the first piloting study and see if the system is working correctly and in accordance to the expectations and goals of the project. The final real ease of the software shall be done by September 1st, this will be after having checked all parts that are not in a good working condition and rectify them accordingly. The project is budgeted $ 250, 000 for the entire work. Therefore, the work shall be scheduled accordingly and individual tasks split to enable the project team to carry out all duties with little or no friction. 1.2 Management of the project The project charter shall establish the requirements of the project and the basic needs of the project. In addition, the person who shall be liable of carrying out the entire project is the project manager. The project manager shall then appoint their team such as the human resource manager, the software engineer, the project coordinator and other different people who shall carry out duties assigned to them by the project manager. Each person shall be responsible in their area of operation to make sure that there is smooth running of activities. The project manager role shall be to oversee the entire process and therefore, providing all the resources, including the human resource, material and cost that shall be used in the project. The project manager will also ensure that communication is done and there is adequate control of all the resources provided. 1.3 Internal and external factors that may affect processes and procedure of the project [Show More]

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