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PSYC 435 Abnormal Psychology Notes PART ONE CHAPTER 1- 17 STUDY GUIDE.

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DOWNLOAD THIS AND STUDY EASY. STUDY GUIDE FOR CHAPTERS 1 - 17. Quiz 1: Units 1-3 (5%): Done Term Paper (35%) Quiz 2: Units 4-6 (5%): Done Final Exam (40%) Quiz 3: Units 7-9 (5%): Done Term Paper Pr... oposal: Done Quiz 4: Units 10-13 (5%): Done Quiz 5: Units 14-17 (5%): Done. 1. Describe the historical emergence of abnormal psychology as a concept and as an area of clinical practice. 2. Identify and compare several theories about the causes of abnormal behaviour. 3. Discuss issues in the assessment and diagnosis of mental disorders. 4. Describe the wide variety of treatment approaches available to modern clinicians. 5. Identify and describe several common and relatively easily treated disorders, such as adjustment, anxiety, phobias, and somatoform disorders. 6. Identify and describe the more difficult-to-treat disorders, such as schizophrenia, paranoia, and the affective disorders. 7. Describe and discuss disorders that involve some violation of legal or social standards, including sexual variations, alcohol and drug abuse patterns, impulse control, and violence. 8. Recognize relationships between various central nervous system impairments and abnormal behavior patterns. 9. Explain the aspects and implications of various types and levels of neurodevelopmental disorders. 10. Identify, describe, and discuss special disorders of childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and aging. [Show More]

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