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Focused Review: RN ATI Capstone Proctored Comprehensive Assessment 2019 A

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Focused Review: RN ATI Capstone Proctored Comprehensive Assessment 2019 A Leal Responsibilities: Documenting Admission Data 1. All clients should be asked whether they have advance directives upon a... dmission to a health care facility. 2. Staff should give clients who do not have advance directives written information that outlines their rights related to health care decisions and how to formulate advance directives. 3. The purpose of advance directives is to communicate a client’s wishes regarding end-of-life care should the client become unable to do so. Professional Responsibilities: Admission Requirements from the Patient Self-Determination Act 1. Professional responsibilities are the obligations that nurses have to their clients. To meet their professional responsibilities, nurses must be knowledgeable in the following area: client rights, advocacy, informed consent, advance directives, information technology, legal practice, disruptive behavior, and ethical practice. 2. The Patient Self-Determination Act stipulates that on admission to a health care facility, all clients must be informed of their right to accept or refuse care. Competent adults have the right to refuse treatment, including the right to leave a health care facility without a prescription for discharge from the provider. 3. If the client refuses a treatment or procedure, the client is asked to sign a document indicating that they understand the risk involved with refusing the treatment or procedure, and that they have chosen to refuse it. [Show More]

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