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Discharge teaching for a client with diabetes mellitus: - ANSWER DIET: -limit calories & decrease total fat intake to 30% of total calories/day -eat omega 3 fatty acids and fiber -low sat fats -... use artificial sweeteners WHEN SICK: -monitor glucose Q 3-4 hr. -take DM meds as prescribed -increase fluids -test urine for ketones -encourage rest -report persistent fever above 101, confusion, rapid breathing, persistent N/V, etc. -assess support systems -assess ability to self-admin insulin -check glucose before meals and at bedtime -return demonstrations on self admin -store test strips in dry closed container -hand hygiene -continuous pump needles need to be changed Q 2-3 days -rotate injection sites -record I&Os and daily weights -hypoglycemia warrants immediate evaluation of glucose FOOT CARE: -inspect feet daily, wash w/mild soap & warm water-test temp first -avoid lotions -use mild foot powders -NO home corn/callous remedies -nail care after bath/shower -avoid open toe or open heel shoes -leather shoes better -no barefoot [Show More]

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