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AHIP Module 4-Marketing Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans

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AHIP Module 4-Marketing Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans You are mailing invitations to new Medicare beneficiaries for a marketing event. You want an idea of how many people to expect, so you wo... uld like to request RSVPs. What should you keep in mind? Correct Answer: You may request RSVPs, but you are not permitted to require contact information. You are seeking to represent an individual Medicare Advantage plan and an individual Part D plan in your state. You have completed the required training for each plan, but you did not achieve a passing score on the tests that came after the training. What can you do in this situation? Correct Answer: You will not be able to represent any Medicare Advantage or Part D plan until you complete the training and achieve an adequate score, although you will not have to take a test if you exclusively market employer/union group plans and the companies do not require testing. ABC is a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan sponsor. It would like to use its enrollees' protected health information (PHI) to market non-health related products such as life insurance and annuities. To do so it must obtain authorization from the enrollees. Which statement best describes the authorization process? Correct Answer: Authorization may be obtained by directing a beneficiary to a website to provide consent as long as the website includes a mechanism for an electronic signature that is valid under applicable law. Another agent working for your agency claims that because you are not employed by the Medicare Advantage plans that you represent, you are not subject to the same requirements as the plans themselves. How should you respond to such a statement? Correct Answer: Your coworker is not correct. Marketing on behalf of a plan is considered marketing by the plan and requires that all contracted and employed agents comply with all Medicare marketing rules. You would like to market an MA plan at a neighborhood pharmacy. What should you keep in mind to comply with the marketing requirements for MA plans? Correct Answer: You must set up your table, make marketing presentations, and accept enrollment applications only in common areas outside of where the patient waits for services from the pharmacist. Wendy Park becomes eligible for Medicare for the first time in July. With the help of Agent James Chan, she enrolls in FeelBetter Medicare Advantage plan with an effective date of July 1st. Which statement best describes how Agent Chan may be compensated under CMS rules? Correct Answer: FeelBetter will pay Agent Chan initial year compensation for the 12 months of July through July. Renewal amount will be paid thereafter if Ms. Park remains enrolled. If you are to be in compliance with Medicare's guidance regarding educational events, which of the following would be acceptable activities? Correct Answer: You may distribute business cards to individuals who request information on how to contact you for further details on the plan(s) you represent. Winthrop Brokerage wishes to place an advertisement in the local newspaper that says: "We offer Medicare Advantage plans offered by AB Health and Top Choice Health. Contact us if you would like to learn more." Which of the following best describes the obligation(s) of Winthrop Brokerage regarding the advertisement? Correct Answer: Winthrop Brokerage does not need to submit the advertisement to CMS for prior approval because it does not include information about the plans' benefit structures, cost sharing, or information about measures or ranking standards. Another agent you know has engaged in misconduct that has been verified by the plan she represented. What sort of penalty might the plan impose on this individual? Correct Answer: The plan may withhold commission, require retraining, report the misconduct to a state department of insurance or terminate the contract. A Medicare beneficiary has walked into your office and requested that you sit down with her and discuss her options under the Medicare Advantage program. Before engaging in such a discussion, what should you do? Correct Answer: You must have her sign a scope of appointment form, indicating which products she wishes to discuss. You may then proceed with the discussion. [Show More]

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