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PN2 Exam #2 Study Guide ASTHMA  Characterized by exacerbations of acute airway inflammation  Airway obstruction occurs d/t bronchoconstriction, mucous, or inflammation when exposed to trigge r C... linical Manifestations:  High pitched, wheezing lung sounds  Cough  SOB  Chest tightness  Worsens at night or when triggers are present Medications:  Short Acting= Albuterol, Proventil, Ventoli  Long Acting= Serevent  Corticosteroids= Serevent, Advair Education:  Avoid triggers  Stop/avoid smoking  Teach which inhaler is rescue Exacerbation Interventions:  Give short-acting beta agonist  IV corticosteroids depending on severity  O2 via nasal cannula  High-fowler’s position  Calm atmosphere [Show More]

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