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NASM PRACTICE TEST QUESTIONS with Accurate Answers. 100% Proven Pass Rate. Graded A+

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The Golgi tendon organ is an essential component of static stretching because it - ✔✔Prevents muscle from being placed under excessive tension What is the correct force-couple relationship that... allows for the upward rotation of the scapula? - ✔✔Upper trapezius and lower portions of the serratus anterior Deoxygenated blood is pumped from the right ventricle to the lungs through? - ✔✔pulmonary arteries Dynamic stretching improves soft tissue extensibility by using...? - ✔✔reciprocal inhibition The oxidative system is primarily used when a client... - ✔✔jogs for 30 min What would aid the primary respiratory muscles in breathing after a set of maximum effort sprints? - ✔✔Scalenes When an exercise is high intensity and lasts about 10 seconds, which of the following energy pathways is predominantly in use? - ✔✔ATP-PC A client who is practicing repeated squat exercises in order to create permanent changes in her technique is exhibiting? - ✔✔motor learning What stimulates muscle fibers to go through a series of steps that initiate muscle contractions? - ✔✔acetylcholine What exercise uses a ball-and-socket joint as the primary mover? - ✔✔seated dumbbell lateral raise The body's ability to differentiate between walking on concrete and walking on sand is an example of what function of the nervous system? - ✔✔sensory If a client exhibits increased force output of his hamstrings and adductor magnus to compensate for a weakened gluteus maximus during hip extension, this is an example of...? - ✔✔synergistic dominance If a client squats with his feet excessively externally rotated, it is evidence of....? - ✔✔altered arthrokinematics What is considered the functional unit of muscle? - ✔✔sacromere Which structure of the skeletal muscle contains a combination of glycogen, fats, minerals, and oxygen-binding myoglobin? - ✔✔sacroplasm What is considered one method to estimate maximum heart rate of a client? - ✔✔subtract clients age from 220 After performing a 3-minute step test, it is determined that a client falls in the "below average" category for cardiovascular fitness. What is the appropriate starting zone for the client? - ✔✔zone one What muscle is probably under active if a client's support or standing leg falls inward during a single-leg squat assessment? - ✔✔Gluteus medius A trainer is working with a senior client. The trainer should be aware of what physiological characteristics? - ✔✔Decreased lean body mass A clients head protrudes during a pulling assessment. What muscle should be stretched? - ✔✔Sternocleimastoid What describes the purpose of the Davies test assessment? - ✔✔Assessing upper body agility and stabilization During the overhead squat assessment, the clients arms fall forward. What muscle is considered over active? - ✔✔Pectoralis minor The clients feet turn out when performing the overhead squat assessment. What is one over active muscle? - ✔✔Lateral gastrocnemius Why is it crucial to have a client complete the PAR-Q? - ✔✔It helps detect any possible cardio respiratory disfunction A personal trainer observes that a client leans forward excessively while performing an overhead squat. Based on this observation, the appropriate action is to... - ✔✔Static stretch the soeus, gastrocnemius, hip flexor complex, and abdominal complex What muscle is most likely over active if a clients head protrudes forward during the pushing assessment? - ✔✔Levator scapulae In order to ensure accuracy while taking resting heart rate, it's best that all three tests be taken... - ✔✔At the same time each day. What assessment is commonly used in exercise physiology laboratories to measure body fat composition? - ✔✔Hydrostatic weighing During a standing pulling assessment, a client compensates by moving his head forward. What static stretch would be appropriate for this client? - ✔✔Levator scapulae What assessment would be most appropriate to determine an athletes maximal strength capabilities of the upper body pressing musculature? - ✔✔Bench press 1RM test What auditory cue would be considered most appropriate for a trainer to use with a client performing a stability ball crunch? - ✔✔"Perform a chin tuck to take stress off your neck" What technique introduces greater risk than a benefit for a new senior client? - ✔✔Arching quadriceps stretch What statement is correct regarding poor spotting technique for a client using dumbbells? - ✔✔Spot at the clients wrists An obese client who has been diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) should be advised to - ✔✔Strive for 20 to 30 min of continuous aerobic exercise daily An appropriate progression to a two-arm dumbbell chest press on a stability ball for a client training in a phase 1 opt program? - ✔✔Alternating arm dumbbell chest press on a stability ball For a client currently training in the hypertrophy phase of the opt model, which phase of the flexibility continuum would be most appropriate? - ✔✔Active A client is placing pressure on his calf musculature using a foam roll. What stretching technique is the client using? - ✔✔Self myofascial release [Show More]

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