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What is the first screen called? - ANSWER Home workspace or Starup Activity What are the list called that are located inside of your My Patients Lists? - ANSWER My patients and My Specialty /Consul... tants What kind of info does the My Patient List display? - ANSWER Information about each patient What can you do if you want to see your patient listed alphabetically? - ANSWER Click the patient name column How can you customize the columns? - ANSWER Click on my patients folder name and left click on propertie. Then you can select or remove the column headers How can you find out information on your patient without opening up there chart - ANSWER Select the overview report in the lower part of the screen. What does the overview report show you? - ANSWER Info such as the pt's treatment team, any progress notes written for the last 24 hours, and orders to cosign How can you quickly see a Pt's meds without opening his or her chart? - ANSWER Click on the Meds report How can you quickly sort my patients by unit? - ANSWER Click Unit column Physician 100-Lesson 2 - ANSWER Go Each time that you are opening up a pt's chart you open up ____________ - ANSWER A workspace what can you do in the Activities Tabs? - ANSWER It allows you to move from one part of the chart to another . What is the first screen that you see when you log in? - ANSWER The Home screen or Startup Activity Tabs that are within a pt's chart are called? - ANSWER Activity Tabs How can you read a pt's notes? - ANSWER Click on the Notes Activity Tab How are new notes flagges - ANSWER There's a icon the New column.(Looks like a clock with a red check mark) Why are notes sorted by Note Time? - ANSWER It allows you to see the most recent note appearing at the top of the list What is your visual cue that notes are currently being sorted by Note Time? - ANSWER A little triangle appears in the column header for Note Time. What is Note Time? - ANSWER The time that the note was started What is Filed Time - ANSWER The time that the note was accepted into the pt's chart What column could you sort by if you wanted to see all notes written by phsicians grouped together? - ANSWER Author Type Sorting notes by the column header doesn't hide notes, it simply does what? - ANSWER It re-organizes them to make it easier for you to find the notes that are relevant to you. What tab should we click to see only the consulting pediatrician's notes? - ANSWER Consults what icon helps identify that there are new notes in a column? - ANSWER A clock with a red checkmark on it How can we indicate that some notes are no longer new to us? - ANSWER Click the Time Mark What is Time Mark? - ANSWER is a way that you can flag notes written since you last scanned the Notes activity.It's like using a bookmark for keeping track of what you have already seen. What happens to the note after you select Time Mark? - ANSWER All of the icons in the New column disappeared. Lesson 3 - ANSWER Let's Do This What is one place that allows you to view all of your pt's current orders? - ANSWER The Patient Summary What is the Patient Summary - ANSWER It allows you review information from the patient's current hospitilization. What is the first report that you see when opening up the Patient Summary? - ANSWER The Index Report What report hyperlink should we click to see a pt's current orders? - ANSWER Active orders What med is 0.45% - ANSWER Normal Saline How often does a nurse check a pt's vital signs? - ANSWER Every 4 hours What button should you click if you want to add a new report to the toolbar? - ANSWER The Wrench button What do you click if you want to add the report you are currently looking at to the list of report buttons? - ANSWER Click in the next available row and click Add Current While working in the Add and Remove Reports window, it is also possible to add buttons for reports that are not currently open. How can you do this? - ANSWER By clicking in the next available row but instead of clicking Add Current,click clicking in the next available row but instead of clicking Add Current,click the Selection button. What field would I need to change if I wanted to change the name of the report button? - ANSWER Display Name Lesson 4 - ANSWER Continue On Daaaaaaaaarling!!! Where in Epic can you complete all of your documentation? - ANSWER In the Rounding activity tab What is a one-stop-shop, meant to streamline documentation. - ANSWER A Navigator What is used to organize by your most common workflows. - ANSWER A Navigator The purpose of a navigator is ? - ANSWER streamline your workflow and make it easy to complete all of the related documentation from one place in your patient's chart What are some other Navigators - ANSWER Navigators for Admission,Discharge,and Transfer What is the Table of Contents? - ANSWER It list the sections of the navigator What documentation do you typically complete to track a patient's progress. - ANSWER Write a note.Manage orders True or False updating the problem list is a way to meet Meaningful Use? - ANSWER True What action helps you manage your patient's orders and write the patient's progress note? - ANSWER Keeping the problem list up to date In Epic if you update the problem list in the chart ,do you have to update it in the note or other areas in a patient's chart? - ANSWER No once you update the problem list then you don't have to update it in other areas. What indicates a pt's prinicipal problem ? - ANSWER A check in the Principla Problem checkbox In other parts of the chart the Principal Problem is denoted by what type of icon? - ANSWER A blue diamond What is the prinicipal problem indicate? - ANSWER The main reason for the patient's hospitilization. True or False a patient can have more than one principal problem. - ANSWER False a patient can only have one principal problem. True or False many patients will have other problems associated with their prinicipal problem. - ANSWER True and these other problems will be listed as hospital problems that will be monitored or addressed during the hospitilization but are the main reason for the hospitilization. What does the push pin icon represent? - ANSWER A chronic problem or ongoing problem What must a physician do to verify that he /she has reviewed and updated the problem list and confirmed that it's reflection of the patient's current conditions. - ANSWER Mark As reviewed! What does Mark as Reviewed imply? - ANSWER That you have verbally verified the information with your patient and confirmed the information is accurate at that time.And tells others when the information was last reviewed,your name, the date, and the current time appear in the "Las Reviewed by" sentence at the bottom of the section. If you just reviewed the existing information and didn't confirm with the patient,do you Mark As Reviewed? - ANSWER No,you should only Mark as Reviewed if you are actually confirmed the information is accurate at the time. When is the patient going home deals with what? - ANSWER Discharge when discharging a patient is the date binding? - ANSWER No this date is by no means,binding and can be changed at any time but it is valuable for those working with the patient. What is the shortcut to entering a date of two days from today? - ANSWER t + 2 What is t +2 ? - ANSWER The expected discharge date of two days from today What is the date of a month from now - ANSWER M+1 or t +30 How can you indicate a discharge of a week from now? - ANSWER y + 1 or t+365 What icon's indicate that you can use the date and time shortcuts? - ANSWER A calendar or a clock icon What 2 note documentation tools are designed to hep speed up your note documentation? - ANSWER SmartTools and the NoteWriter What is a SmartLink? - ANSWER It pulls in information directly from the patient's chart into your note. What is highlighted in blue? - ANSWER A SmartLink What is highlighted in peach? - ANSWER text that will be added as you complete your progress note documentation using the NoteWriter. When there is a positive/negative button for a condition,how do you document that it's a positive/present?If it's a absent/negative? - ANSWER If it's a positive/present,click the plus sign or left-click. If it's a negative/absent,click the minus sign ir right-click. How do you add a comment to a positive/negative button? - ANSWER Hold your mouse pointer over the positive/negative button and start typing. You can also double-click the positive/negative button. If you are in the middle of documenting a note and get called away,how can you save what are you are working on? - ANSWER Click Pend If you click Pend instead of Sign, is the note available for others to view? - ANSWER No What should you do if you see a mistake on the note tab and need to fix it before signing? - ANSWER Go back to the form where the documentation was originally completed and change the documentation. Lesson 5 - ANSWER Let's Do It New York Bound!!! What is the upside for physicians when they enter there own orders? - ANSWER Fewer Callbacks Orders entered more quickly Patient Safety What activity allows you to enter orders? - ANSWER In the Rounding Navigator. Then click orders When do you use the Modify button? - ANSWER When you are changing the details of the same order. When do you use the Discontinue button? - ANSWER When you are placing a new order Where can we change the details of a order? - ANSWER In the order composer Modify means - ANSWER D/C & Reorder(Discontinue and Reorder) When you are Modifying a order what do you need to be aware of? - ANSWER Pay attention to the administration due times to make certain that your patient is not going to miss a dose that should be administered in between the time you modify the order and the next due time of the medication. Name some Meaningful Use requirements? - ANSWER 1.Revieiwing Allergies and Mark as reviewed 2.Updating the Problem List and Mark as reviewed 3.Entering and ordering orders is a Meaningful Use requirement What does EnRol stand for? - ANSWER Enhanced Record Lookup What does OOB stand for? - ANSWER Out of Bed Preference List shows all orders that are available at your? - ANSWER Specialty Facility List showa all orders that are available at your ? - ANSWER Hospital What is a hospital formulary? - ANSWER All of the medications that are allowed to be ordered for a particualr hospital. What does a red stop sign mean? - ANSWER It indicates a required field that must be completed before Epic will let you sign the order. What does a yellow yield sign mean? - ANSWER It indicates a recommended field True or False if you don't make a entry in the field with the yield sign,you'll recieve a pop-up reminder when you click Sign Orders, but you won't be prevented from signing the order. - ANSWER True What is the summary sentence? - ANSWER It shows you the details specified in the order, so you don't have to open the order to know if the settings are appropriate. How can you Open the Order Composer? - ANSWER Click the summary sentence How can you save changes you made to a medication order(Zrytec) so that you don't have to make those edits the next time you enter that order in the system? - ANSWER Just click the yellow star on the right of the (Zrytec) order and this will add the order to your own user preference list. How do you remove a incorrect order prior to signing? - ANSWER Click Remove to the right of the one of the Zrtec orders What is the Pend Orders button for? - ANSWER When you haven't finished the order.The order is still a draft. What is the Sign Orders button for? - ANSWER When you are ready to release the orders into the system. What is the middle button called Sign & Hold used for? - ANSWER When you want to transfer orders that you don't want to have immediately releasedinto the system. True or False Once a order is signed it is released into the system,where others can act on it. - ANSWER True Lesson 6 - ANSWER Yeah O'le Let's Do This BAM BAM BAM WAKA FLOCKA FLAME Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! How can I resolve a patient's problem? - ANSWER Click on the problem and then click Resolve How can you view a resolved problem? - ANSWER Click the Options button and then select the check box for Resolved. Where else beside the Rounding Navigator can you see that you have a order to cosign? - ANSWER Look at the Patient's List column and see the Cosign Ord icon in that column 2. In reports from the Patient Summary 3. In there In Basket True or False a Patient's Lists columns can alert you to task that you need to take care of ,before you ever open a patient's chart? - ANSWER True True or False the Cosign Orders section will show you just your orders that need to be signed? - ANSWER False the Cosign Orders section will show all orders placed for this patient that need to be cosigned,NOT just the one's that you authorized.You should only cosign the orders that you are responsible for. What do I click to extend a order? - ANSWER Change end time If I wanted to extend a order by 48 hours what would I put? - ANSWER Extend by Lesson 7 - ANSWER Come on Baby True or False the charge Capture section will allow you to quickly file charges on your patient that will go directly to billing. - ANSWER True Which section would you choose for rounding charges? - ANSWER Hospital When charging, what do you choose if rounds for the patient were routine? - ANSWER choose subsequent Hospital Care,Level 1 by clicking in the checkbox to the left of the charge. While charging, what does Pr mean? - ANSWER This means that it's a charge for professional services. While charging, what does HC mean? - ANSWER This measn that it's a charge for a hospital,such as a bed charge for a medication. While charging, what happens if I decided I should have chosen a Level II charge? I've already filed a charge for Level I. - ANSWER Just delete it by clicking on the black X next to the charge.Then go back to the new charges sect above . click charges and then click Hospital. I choose Subsequent Hospital Care Level II in the new Charges section. Click File Charges again Lesson 8 Vitals, Intake and Output, and Results - ANSWER Go [Show More]

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