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AHLEI Exam Review with Complete Solution -checked- Graded A+

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Which of the following statements about hotel food and beverage operations is TRUE? a. Hotel marketing efforts focus exclusively on attracting hotel guests to dine at the property's food and beverage... outlets. b. Room service is typically the most profitable food service operation in a hotel. c. The restaurant manager in a hotel has greater decision-making powers than a manager of a freestanding restaurant.  d. Catering responsibilities in a hotel are generally a function of the marketing and sales department. Which of the following types of food and beverage operations faces the greatest challenge in relation to food transport and delivery systems? a. freestanding restaurant  b. hotel food service c. cafeteria food service d. concession at sports facilities Which of the following is a support center within a hotel?  accounting department b. the banquet operation c. the rooms department d. room service Why are multi-unit organizations popular in the restaurant industry? a. They provide brand recognition. b. Greater opportunities are available to market throughout broad geographic regions. c. Business financing is easier to obtain.  d. All of the above are true of multi-unit organizations The principal benefit of point-of-sale technology to a food and beverage operation is its:  ability to track, record, and provide detailed financial information. b. efficiency in tracking guest reservations and matching reservation times with table assignments. c. speed and accuracy in calculating guest check totals and making change for customers. d. ability to control deliveries to and issues from food storage areas. Which of the following resources is available in a limited supply to managers of food and beverage operations? a. time b. facilities c. money  d. all of the above Effective control systems can help food and beverage managers:  identifies mistakes and plan tactics to correct them. b. creates a mission statement. c. identifies new menu items to offer. d. defines strategic objectives. Which of the following statements about the role of standards in the control process is TRUE? a. Industry averages are the best source of information for establishing standards. b. Financial standards should always be set on the basis of past financial statements.  c. Standards can be established for revenue goals and sales targets as well as for employee attendance and safety records. d. Standards are effective only if they state an expected level of performance for individual employees. Comparisons between standards and actual operating results should be made: a. only when problems are suspected b. during the same time frames (e.g. monthly).  c. as soon as possible after actual costs are known. d. periodically, but infrequently. A shopper service is a(n): a. service offered by many businesses to assist guests who are unable to visit the operation in person. b. internet-based buying service that offers managers greater control of the purchasing and receiving function. c. system of supply in which vendors automatically resupply the restaurant on a schedule determined by the food and beverage manager.  d. control tactic that involves observing and reporting the actual operations of a business. Which of the following is an example of an internal factor influencing decisions to change a menu? a. consumer demand  b. menu mix c. supply levels d. competition A chicken dinner has a standard food cost of $3.50. If a 30-percent food cost is desired, what would be the base selling price using the ingredients mark-up method?  $11.67 b. $12.60 c. $14.76 d. cannot be determined [Show More]

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