Anthropology > Syllabus > AFAS/SOC 220 Sections 101 and 201 Introduction to African American Studies. 7W1 Spring 2020 (All)

AFAS/SOC 220 Sections 101 and 201 Introduction to African American Studies. 7W1 Spring 2020

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Course Description: AFAS/SOC 220 is one of the General Education Tier 2 for Individuals and Societies as well as for Diversity emphasis courses. This interdisciplinary course will acquaint you with ... the literature, history, culture and social issues affecting African Americans. The course will first introduce a discussion on the rationale for African American Studies as well as the identification of the major fields within the discipline. The substantive part of the course will cover the extent and spectrum of the African American experience, not only in the United States but in its African roots as well. Thus, the range will cover the gamut of history, philosophy, psychology, religion, politics, economics, gender, arts and culture as an2 examination and analysis of the history and experiences of people of African descent in the Caribbean, Latin American and the United States' societies. Course Objectives: Together with meeting the General Education requirements and the general scope identified above, the course has the following specific scholastic objectives:  Introduce you to key issues and developments in African American studies;  Enable you to gain insights into the breadth and depth of the African American experience both in Africa and the United States;  Expose you to the vast pool of writings on the African American experience;  Enable you to demonstrate your understanding of discourses around the experiences of African Americans with regards to their past, present and future;  Enable you to develop a clear understanding of the key theories and ideological debates in African American life, culture and history;  Equip you with relevant skills to analyze and explain the significances of the major African-American movements, periods, events and individuals from multidisciplinary perspectives including literature, history, sociology, religious studies, music, and art;  Develop critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills. Expected Learning Outcomes:  Fulfil the General Education Tier 2 requirements for Individuals and Societies as well as for Diversity emphasis courses;  Identify key areas of study in African American Studies;  Understand the African American journey from slavery; the reconstruction; the civil rights and Jim Crow eras; and current events affecting African Americans;  Recognize the diversity and complexity of the African American traditions;  Understand and appreciate the African American experience in the New World as it went through a period of servitude, emancipation, and rebirth;  Analyze how your perceptions, values, beliefs, and customs are influenced by this course and how to use these analyses before passing a judgment.  Gain analytical and writing skills though the assignments given to you during the course of the semester. Teaching Methodology: Selected readings from the required textbooks and other supplemental readings, class notes and videos will be used to aid us in this course. Reading assignments that prepare us for each step in this course will be given beforehand so that we are all prepared for discussions. Additional readings, homework and special events (as opportunities arise) will be incorporated in this course. The model of this class is of the learner-centered learning system (a teaching approach of the University of Arizona and of the Africana Studies Program). You are therefore expected to play an integral role in the course. To achieve this, you must read the assigned material and be prepared to present and defend your analysis of the readings on an online discussion forum - in the Discussions section of D2L. Through these discussions, you will be encouraged to raise and discuss challenging issues of how social justice, race, gender, sexuality and class operate in the lives of peoples of the African Diaspora. Further, you should be prepared to critique, in the form of scholarly discourse, the opinions and viewpoints of your fellow classmates in these3 discussions. In this way, you will develop your communication skills while fostering a spirit of "community" cooperation with your fellow classmates. Since all the readings are mandatory, Reading Feedback for past and current week's readings will be posted in the Quizzes section of D2L. This course is organized in weeks. Each week starts on Monday and ends on Friday. Details of the assignments are posted in the Weekly Schedule file posted in the Course Home (under Weekly Schedule), Schedule and the Content links in D2L. The topics indicated in the Weekly Schedule file will be covered in that week. Important [assignments] dates for that week will also be indicated. Weekly Reading Feedback and Discussion assignments will be posted on D2L on the Thursday of that week. Technically, the Reading Feedback quiz and the Discussion assignments are to be done on Thursday or Friday of the week but will remain open up to the Sunday of that week. Course Requirements: (i) Required Text Books (Available at most bookstores including The UA BookStore at the Student Union Memorial Center): (1) Hine, Darlene Clark; Hine, William C.; and Harrold, Stanley C., REVEL for The African-American Odyssey, Combined Volume, 7th Edition. Pearson Prentice Hall: Seventh Edition, 2017. ISBN 13: 9780134485355 Revel: You are required to purchase the REVEL version of Hine, Hine and Harrold, The African-American Odyssey, Combined Volume, 7th edition, for this course. Reading Assignments, Quizzes and other homework activities will be assigned in or from Revel. While access to Revel is required, the printed version of this text is optional. Purchasing options: Choose the option that works best for you:  Option #1: Online Inclusive Access: This is the best option. You will get an instant access to the textbook. Please see the link in the Course Home and Content sections of D2L on how to register your Revel for The African-American Odyssey for this course.  Option #2: Purchase a Revel access code from The UA BookStore at the Student Union Memorial Center. Use this access code in D2L to get access to the textbook. (2) DuBois, W.E.B. 1903. The Souls of Black Folk. Gordonville: Frarrar Strauss [Show More]

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