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LETRS Unit 1| Session 8

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Outcome assessments - >>>>>Outcome assessments assess the overall effectiveness of instruction given to a large student population—for example, all students within a state. These high-stakes, summ... ative reading assessments are usually administered at the end of grade 3 or 4. Because they are often normed, they can show how an individual is doing relative to norms and help in comparing groups. Screening measures - >>>>>Screening measures help predict which students are at risk for reading failure and how they are likely to perform on outcome assessments by measuring their performance against established benchmarks. Screening measures, such as Acadience® Reading K-6 or AIMSweb®, focus on foundational skills and are administered several times a year in the early grades. Because they are brief, low-cost measures that provide extremely useful information, they are highly efficient. Diagnostic surveys - >>>>>Diagnostic surveys inform teachers' work with at-risk readers. This category includes informal diagnostics teachers use to assess students' academic knowledge or skills in a particular area (e.g., a developmental spelling inventory or handwriting sample), as well as formal, specialized testing used to determine whether a student fits the criteria for a specific developmental disorder (e.g., an assessment to determine whether and where a child falls on the autism spectrum). Progress-monitoring tests - >>>>>Progress-monitoring tests inform instruction by telling how well instruction is working—that is, how at-risk students are responding to instruction. These formative assessments, typically administered every 1-3 weeks, focus on specific targeted skills. Teachers can use them to determine the effectiveness of a given program or approach. Many screening measures can be considered diagnostic since they provide extremely detailed [Show More]

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Bundle for LETRS Tests Compilation | Updated & Verified | Everything you need!!

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