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Med Surg 2021 Hesi practice questions with Rationale Answers. 100% accurate with Guaranteed comprehension

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The nurse is assessing a 48-year-old client with a history of smoking during a routine clinic visit. The client, who exercises regularly, reports having pain in the calf during exercise that disappe... ars at rest. Which of the following findings requires further evaluation? 1. Heart rate 57 bpm. 2. SpO2 of 94% on room air. 3. Blood pressure 134/82. 4. Ankle-brachial index of 0.65. - 4 An Ankle-Brachial Index of 0.65 suggests moderate arterial vascular disease in a client who is experiencing intermittent claudication. A Doppler ultrasound is indicated for further evaluation. The bradycardic heart rate is acceptable in an athletic client with a normal blood pressure. The SpO2 is acceptable; the client has a smoking history. An overweight client taking warfarin (Coumadin) has dry skin due to decreased arterial blood flow. What should the nurse instruct the client to do? Select all that apply. 1. Apply lanolin or petroleum jelly to intact skin. 2. Follow a reduced-calorie, reduced-fat diet. 3. Inspect the involved areas daily for new ulcerations. 4. Instruct t [Show More]

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