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ATI Teas 7 Chemistry Questions

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ATI Teas 7 Chemistry Questions Which of the following is a true statement about the Periodic Table? Correct Answer- (a.) The position of elements in the Periodic Table is related to the arrangement o... f their electrons, and that determines the chemical and physical properties of the element. (b.) Elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number. (c.) Vertical columns are referred to as groups or families and horizontal rows are called periods. (d.) all of the above A property exhibited by aqueous solutions of bases is that they Correct Answer- have a bitter taste The accepted value of a mole, mole which is the the SI unit for unit for amount of substance, is Correct Answer- 6.022 x 10²³ An atom or group of atoms that carry an electrical charge is known as a/an Correct Answer- ion What is mass? Correct Answer- A measure of the quantity of matter a body contains, which does not vary as position changes. What is the reaction in a chemical change? Correct Answer- (a.) One or more substances that are used up. (b.) One or more new substances are formed. (c.) Energy the is absorbed or released. (d.) all of the above What is a compound? Correct Answer- A substances that can be decomposed by chemical means into simpler substances, always in the same ratio by mass. The molecular mass of a substance is Correct Answer- the sum of the atomic weights of the elements in the formula each taken the number of times the elements occurs. What is an acid? Correct Answer- A substance that contains hydrogen and that produces H⁺ in aqueous solution. [Show More]

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