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ATI- EXIT RN- 2022 1. A nurse in an emergency department is performing triage for multiple clients following a disaster in the community. To which of the following types of injuries should the nurs... e assign the highest priority? A. Below-the knee amputation B. Fractured tibia C. 95% full-thickness body burn D. 10cm (4in) laceration to the forearm 2. A nurse manager is updating protocols for the use of belt restraints. Which of the following guidelines should the nurse include? A. Remove the client’s restraint every 4hr B. Document the client’s condition every 15 min C. Attach the restrain to the bed’s side rails D. Request a PRN restrain prescription for clients who are aggressive 3. A nurse is teaching an in-service about nursing leadership. Which of the following information should the nurse include about an effective leader? A. Acts as an advocate for the nursing unit. B. (Unable to read) for the unit C. Priorities staff request over client needs. D. Provides routine client care and documentation 4. A nurse in a provider’s office [Show More]

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