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BUS 375-Milestone 4 ALREADY PASSED EXAM BUSINESS QUESTIONS RECOMMENDED PACTICE MATERIAL FOR THE FUTURE EXAMS Which of the following is an example of a Community/Non-Profit project? • Managing a c... ity planning project. • Manage a fundraising event for a school club. • Oversee a government research project to analyze air and water quality. • Create a website to sell maps of city neighborhoods. CONCEPT Project Management in Context 2 Which of the following is an example of an activity Sharon would perform in Phase 2 of a project to build a community center in her town? • Get approval for change requests. • Document assumptions related to the project. • Evaluate team performance. • Develop a risk management plan. CONCEPT Project Life Cycle Review 3 Which of the following best describes an individual evaluation? • Shared • Specific • Broad • Subjective CONCEPT Evaluating Project Team 4 Who initially collaborates with the project manager on the lessons learned document? • The project sponsor • Everyone in the organization • The project team members • The stakeholders CONCEPT Lessons Learned 5 The scope is reviewed when evaluating the success of a project for which of the following reasons? • To determine if deliverables perform to standards • To determine if deliverables were finished on schedule • To determine if deliverables were created on budget • To determine if deliverables required any changes CONCEPT Evaluating & Reporting Project Success 6 Which of the following is an element included in a team evaluation? • Ability to meet timelines for assigned deliverables • Ability to keep one another informed on individual accountabilities • Ability to engage and motivate individuals to reach project goals • Ability to carry out assigned tasks CONCEPT Evaluating Project Team 7 Which of the following is an example of a lesson learned that is related to resources used outside the organization? • The weekly delivery of project status reports facilitated the success of the project. • A deliverable did not meet quality standards because it was not tested thoroughly. • A piece of equipment on the production line broke down and caused a schedule delay. • One of the groups contracted for the project failed to meet production deadlines. CONCEPT Lessons Learned 8 Jill has created several successful ad campaigns for a variety of clients, is well-known in the advertising industry for her work, and her clients trust her to make important decisions because of her solid reputation. Which attribute is least likely to vary when Jill is assigned a new client? • Her level of authority • Her client’s project size • Her client’s project complexity • Her client’s organization size CONCEPT Project Management in Context 9 In which of the following circumstances is the "Extend the Project" path selected for a project? • The organization has time to delay implementation to ensure deliverables meet requirements. • There is a business need for the deliverables to be implemented without delay. • The implementation of the project is too costly for the business to sustain. • A competing project or new technology has replaced the current project deliverables. CONCEPT When the Project isn't Ready 10 Project documents are warehoused for which of the following reasons? • To document employee evaluations • To adhere to corporate privacy and tax laws • To document project management policy changes • To access past project information as needed CONCEPT Warehousing Information 11 Which of the following does the project manager review during the project approval meeting? • Change requests • RACI • Budget variances • Risk register CONCEPT Project Approval 12 Jess is closing a research project for a government agency and she has documented the variances in the final budget and completed all other required documentation. Which of the following steps will Jess complete next in the closing process? • Gain project approval. • Gather lessons learned. • Evaluate the team. • Transfer ownership. CONCEPT Closing Process 13 Which method below may be used to file project documentation in a consistent manner? • Require the same number of files to be stored for every project. • Require the files to use the same naming convention for every project. • Require copies of files to be given to each stakeholder. • Require project sponsor to sign off on each file stored for every project. CONCEPT Warehousing Information 14 Which of the following is NOT a formal, required step but is often performed during the closing process? • Assessing the team • Recording feedback from team members • Celebrating project completion • Evaluating achievement of project benefits CONCEPT Celebrating Project Completion 15 If the individual taking ownership of a project is identified early in the project, which information below is NOT reviewed at the transfer meeting? • Project deliverables • Project requirements • Project scope • Outstanding issues CONCEPT Transferring Ownership 16 Which of the following is an example of an outstanding issue? • A stakeholder requests a new project. • A deliverable passes the testing process. • A vendor accepts payment for services. • A stakeholder withholds signoff for a deliverable. CONCEPT When the Project isn't Ready 17 Which of the following questions should a project manager ask when evaluating project readiness? • Where will the organization transfer team members? • Will the deliverables meet the specified requirements? • How will ownership of the deliverables be transferred to the organization? • Will the organization realize the expected advantages when the project is implemented? CONCEPT Evaluating Project Readiness 18 During which phase below would a project manager initially evaluate the assumptions and expectations of stakeholders? • Phase 1 • Phase 2 • Phase 3 • Phase 4 CONCEPT Project Life Cycle Review 19 Which of the following documents will a project manager use to evaluate the impact of a project? • Final budget • Risk register • Final schedule • Scope document CONCEPT Evaluating Project Readiness 20 In which of the following ways is the closing process similar to the scope development process? • Both involve gathering stakeholder expectations. • Both require approval for completion. • Both focus on estimating the budget. • Both focus on orienting the project team. CONCEPT Closing Process 21 Which of the following statements is true about the post-transfer follow-up process? • Following up after the project should occur indefinitely. • Following up should be done in a face-to-face meeting. • Following up takes place between the project manager and the project team. • Following up is done as a courtesy in order to demonstrate support. CONCEPT Transferring Ownership [Show More]

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